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DtoidNewEngland avatar 10:20 AM on 07.07.2009
Funspot Recap!

2 weeks ago the Funspot meet up in NH happened and I have to say It was awesome! Tha_Meat, ZeroTolo, Rawnewdlz, Sonicboom w/friend Craig, HeyRicochet w/gf Amy and myself were in attendance. It was cool how as soon as we got together, you could swear that we've known each other for the longest time. I'm glad we all came together for a good night guys!

A quest for Arby's, the great ticket obsession with the last of our monies and a 6 player X-Men arcade (who wants to be Dazzler?...anybody?) were among some of the cool things that happened that night. Here is to hoping that more people are able to come out next time with us!

Some things that may be scheduled for the future:
Game Unicon: August 21st - 23rd

*pics and video courtesy of Rawnewdlz and Sonicboom

Space I wanted to play thee...

Tha_Meat having a grand ol' time!

I photoshopped this to hide the fact that our heads were exploding from excitement!

Oh, and we broke the turtles machine somehow...

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