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DtoidNewEngland avatar 7:44 AM on 04.25.2011  (server time)
Dtoid New England Presents: Siete de Mayo!

Where: Heyricochet's house

When: Saturday May 7th, late afternoon

We have a NARP coming up at Heyricochet's place. He's been known to have an impressive collection of retro goodness. Returning to the old always helps cope with the ever present overload of flashy graphics and the like!

Some of what he has going on are 4 televisions, each with a different system running on them. The main TV in the living room usually has the 360 playing music games such as DJ Hero, Rock Band and Def Jam Rapstar. Another 2 TVs off to the side to play the Wii and a hacked Xbox with MAME installed for some arcade action. Then the retro room has 2 TV's as well, where you can have a hand at anything from NES to Dreamcast. We may even have some random tournaments involving horrible fighting games! You never know what we're gonna cook up! I hope you all can make it!

Also, don't forget to join the Dtoid NE emailer on the right if you haven't already!

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