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DtoidNewEngland avatar 6:11 PM on 07.30.2012  (server time)
Dtoid New England: Funspot NARP 2K12

Where: Funspot in Laconia, NH
When: Saturday, August 18th at 1pm

Hey there! Itís almost that time of year again when Dtoid New England celebrates its annual Funspot NARP! For those that donít know, Funspot is pretty much the mecca of classic gaming and we're going there! This yearís classic arcade trip will begin on Saturday, August 18th at 1pm. After a few hours of arcades and ticket whoring, we head to my place just outside of Boston for some NARPage. It's going to be a solid day of awesome!

Funspot is a great time considering there is no way you can get bored at a place like this. It has Ten Pin and Candle Pin bowling. For our eating and drinking needs, there is a restaurant and tavern. It certainly has one of the biggest classic gaming rosters I've ever seen including Dragon's Lair, Defender and Galaga! With a decent semi typical arcade list like Time Crisis, Daytona USA, Simpsons etc...the NARP's ending location will be at my place in Medford, MA. I have a living room and guest room available with consoles and such. We'll have music games (Rockband, Just Dance, Singstar) and fightan games (SF3:3rd Strike, Super Street Fighter 4, Marvel vs Capcom 3, KOF...). So, you know what to do people. Come join us!
Join the google group in the sidebar if you haven't already and let's get talkin' !

Roster so far:

Heyricochet + 1

Special Appearances by Dtoid NY:

Tino + 1


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