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DtoidNewEngland avatar 2:46 PM on 02.22.2011  (server time)
Dtoid New England 2010 Recap!

Another year has passed and what a great one at that. Dtoid New England is really starting to come together with NARPs happening every few months and alot of chatter in the emailer. It's a beautiful thing to see these people from different walks of life enjoying each others company and doing what we do best, play vidja and have a good flippin' time. This is going to be a brief recap of what went on last year to give you a good idea of what we're about so, there will be more of that this year. We promise :)

Funspot NARP 2010

First off we have our weekend of madness that started on a Friday night at Beerworks followed by a walk around Boston. The main event was Saturday at Funspot's classic arcade, which is turning into a annual thing, followed by the NARP at Senisan's house. Check that out below

Funspot NARP 2010


Our next endeavor took place during those cold and scary times. I'm talking about Halloween of course. Our very good friend Heyricochet had a NARP in celebration. It was not exactly costume themed but there were some who dressed up anyway!



Our final NARP of the year, popularly labeled MOONARP, was held at AgentMoo's newly purchased home. The plan was for it to be just a NARP to break in Moo's new home but we decided to at least add a little Christmas flavor by doing a little yankee swap considering the month. There were a few changes to the rules. First, there was no swap and second, the items needed to be purple (inside joke).
Aside from the impressively nice home, Moo had a great set up for gaming. His spacious living room was perfect for Dance Central and You're In The Movies, down in the basement he had another xbox set up where we played Super Street Fighter 4 and a PS3. Oh, did I forget to mention he had freaking MAME cabinet!

We had a lot of fun creating tournaments for NBA Jam and Jackie Chan's Fist of Fire. People triumphed, cried and cheered. It was amazing.

The Purple Exchange was probably the highlight of the night because it turned out to be a lot more interesting than we expected. Here is a list of what we exchanged:

Heyricochet - Chalice with a white unicorn pic
Casualweaponry - Bath Sponge and Glasses (the theme was "Stay Fresh") pic
Rawnewdlz - Gangsta Sackboy pic
Diztrukted - Crybaby film, Prince CD, FauxLoko (Tilt + Redbull) pic
Senisan - Walkie Talkies pic
AgentMoo - Purple Beers pic
Daze - An indestructable travel mug made of purple adamantium and Starbucks money. pic
Ozz - Purple Rain dvd/cd, kool-aid grape fizzy tablets, and Cheshire Cat keychain. pic

So that's it for Dtoid NE shenanigans for 2010. Don't forget to join the Dtoid NE emailer on the right! If you haven't, please do and have fun with us! We've also added a Youtube, Flickr and Groups (Dtoid NE Official Group page under construction) to showcase some of our finest moments :)

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