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DtoidNewEngland avatar 7:08 AM on 03.29.2011  (server time)
Dtoid NE: Birthday Recap

It was me(Senisan) and Tha Meat's birthday not long ago and we had made plans together to make it an event!
We first started the night with some arcade gaming at the newly made Pinball Wizard in Pelham, NH. It's a fairly large arcade by today's standards, sporting over 100 arcades and 80 something pinball machines. We came upon some fantastic gems and we will definitely be hitting this place up again.

Some Gauntlet action

Gathering up to get some grub

Come on, Baby! A racist button mashing game involving babies

We had been at Pinball Wizard for quite a while and we were starting to get hungry, so we moved on to Tokyo Steakhouse for some hibachi grilling. For those who don't already know, these steakhouses have us sit around a usually charismatic cook, while he makes us delicious food! It's pretty entertaining to watch a man make onion volcanoes.

Dat hibachi!

We then headed to our final destination. A bunch of dudes heading to a private room for karaoke. If a sausage fest karaoke doesn't sound like a night in heaven then I don't want to go there! We headed to Brighton where Do Re Mi's little establishment is to see what this place was all about. Non of us had been there before so we were looking forward to it. It's pretty decent with a few rooms varying in size depending on the group. The price isn't too bad either. There is no alcohol allowed but you can easily sneak things in some and according to yelp, as long as your not a douche about it and trash the place, they won't care.

Nova Prime breaking it down!

Poison by yours truly and Rawnewdlz

And that was our night! Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate! Now, for those who just discovered our group, don't forget to join the Dtoid NE emailer on the right! If you haven't, please do and have fun with us! We've also added some media to our Youtube and Flickr, so check that shit out!

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