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This shirt is going to sell like fucking mad

So yeah, MAGFest X is just days away now. I'm super excited this year, as there's an entire Dtoid Midwest caravan making it's way from the forgotten lands, through the mountains of madness, and straight into Maryland to the heart of the party itself. Our exodus includes: N7, Ruckus, ZombiePlatypus (driving the Platybus), Gatsby, DanlHaas, Glitchy, and Jon Bloodspray. Are there any other Midwesterners making the journey? We're getting in Wednesday night, so hit up the comments below or the MAGFest X forum thread if you're going to be there and want to meet-up!

This picture will only be relevant for a few more days, so I had to post it again. Because I love it.

Side note: Suiterday? Karaoke? Suiteroke? Who likes that idea?

There's going to be somewhat of a special anouncement at MAGFest concerning Dtoid Midwest. If you've ever been involved with the Midwest group, are a new member, partied with us, WHATEVER, you'll probably want to be there for it. It might not be a huge deal in reality, but it's probably still best you hear about it. Once we get there and I find out what room we're in I'll figure out when said announcement will be made. I suppose the easiest way to find out would be to follow me on twitter at @Jon_Bloodspray, since I doubt I'll be bringing my laptop. You'll probably be pretty surprised.

But not that kind of surprise. Unless you want to I dunno just sayin' I'm down for whatever.

As always, check out theMidwest group forum thread, join our Facebook group or hit up the Google Group.

Hope to see everyone at MAGFest X!
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