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DtoidMidwest avatar 2:02 PM on 03.22.2011  (server time)
Dtoid Midwest PAX East Recap/NARP 2011 UPDATE/HAPPY BDAY DTOID!

"Oh PAX"

PAX East was an absolute blast this year! Our little Midwest group was there for all the fun, as were so many other Dtoiders! Thursday night may as well have been called HUGTOID, as so much love was going around. There was stuff to see every day, and parties to attend every night. But in the end, another PAX has come and gone, and we've got the memories, and some pictures (that didn't get stolen) to prove it.

And the scars, as well.

PAX East is special to Dtoid Midwest, as it was there that the idea for the Midwest group was formed. We've grown more in just one year than was ever thought possible, and for that thanks go to all our members, the members of the other groups who've partied with us, the people who've helped us, and of course Destructoid for giving us a home and an outlet for all our adventures. We've had flat tires, dead car batteries, towed cars, 3am emergency room visits, cancelled and delayed flights, partied with Duke Nukem, been lectured by Mr. Magfest, supported an Omeganaut, had our shit stolen, passed out in bars, gotten lost, almost got arrested, had black out drunk moments, best friends have been made, relationships and hookups have been formed, and we've had way more than our fair share of vomit. I think we played some video games in there too. So here's to 1 year of Dtoid Midwest, 5 years of Destructoid, and a happy birthday wish to Niero. Let's hope we all have many more good times ahead of us.

Happy birthday!

Here's some pics of Midwesty PAX East stuff. You may have seen some of these elsewhere, or you may not. Either way, enjoy!

On a personal note, this is my second favorite picture from the weekend...

...but this is my favorite.

ZombiePlatypus watches and sees the bad idea bus coming.

Well that was fun. Moving on...

Dtoid MidwestNARP 2011 UPDATE!

I know, I know. I've been horrible at updating this. Information has been trickling into the forums thread, but I know not everybody chooses to follow that, so I apologize. To start things off, here is the new confirmed list.

Jon Bloodspray
Silgrim (and maybe his better half)
Jesus H Christ
KD Alpha (and gf)
Allen Park
Paul Soth

Holy fuck, that's a lot of people. We are really toeing the line here of needing to book a hotel room for overflow sleeping room. Of course if you just want to do that on your own anyways, feel free to do so. Contact me and I can get you a list of hotels in the area. Also, due to the turn out so far, I'm going to have to call a cap. Once this list hits 30 people, that's all I'll be able to handle. Sorry about that, but next year I'll try to have an actual venue.

Ok, now to the updates and changes.

First off, I regretfully must announce that there will not be tshirts this year. I never expected so many people to express interest in attending, and as the initial cost of tshirts would have to come out of my own pocket they just arenít feasible. Donít fret; Iím working on several other things to make sure everyone has a souvenir to remember the weekend with.

Secondly, the Cedar Point trip is no longer an option. With so many people flying in as opposed to driving this year there simply will not be enough vehicles. This week Iíll be scouting area arcades and other similar locations for a Saturday day trip that will be ideal for multiple trips if necessary. Iím really sorry if you were looking forward to Cedar Point. One the plus side, youíll save a good chunk of money, and weíll more time to drink and play games.

One more thing, and this is big. This year the Midwest NARP will be hosting DESTRUCTATHON! Itís essentially the same thing as PAXís Omegathon, except everyone will be able to join this. In the end though, there will only be one winner. The winner will walk away with a prize pack that we are still working out, but rest assured it will be awesome.

Hereís the line up:





ROUND 5: ?????

And of course, each round will have a unique twistÖ

If you do not wish to enter, let me know. Otherwise I am going to assume everyone aside from myself and IcarusKills (because he brainstormed this with me) is a competing DESTRUCTANATOR.

So thatís it as far as updates. Just as a reminder, the DTOID MIDWESTNARP 2011 takes place at my home in Toledo, Ohio on the weekend of June 10th, 11th, and 12th. You can keep tabs on the forum thread for up to the minute information. Also, please please PLEASE shoot me an email at jonbloodsprayATSIGNgmailDOTcom with your travel info, or with any questions you might have. Seriously, email me either way, because it would makes things tremendously easier for me.
Thatís all for now kids. Party on.

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