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DtoidMidwest avatar 8:24 PM on 03.13.2012  (server time)

Like the movie that inspired this, the NARP will end with a flying train.

I won't even bother you guys with how bad of a regional manager and piece of shit procrastinator I am and just get right to the details.

This year, the 3rd annual Dtoid Midwest NARP will be June 22nd, 23rd, and 24th! The location will again be my (Jon Bloodspray) house in beautiful Toledo, Ohio. This years main event will be Lazer Tag! This place is located just minutes from my house, and is reasonably priced, loads of fun, and has been successfully operated for years.

I will punch the first asshole that starts shotgun rolling.

The Destructathon will be returning in full force, with an entirely new set of challenges. I will say though, the final round has already been decided. I hope you can drink. I'm also trying to plan a more formal opening, awards, and closing ceremony this year. Because hey, we're classy people.

So classy.

More information about events and stuff will be announced as I make it up.


If you fly: Toledo has an airport, but it is often very expensive. (TOL)

Detroit-Metro (DTW) will more than likely be your best bet.

There is also Cleveland (CLE) but that's about 30 minutes farther away than Detroit.

If flyers could try to organize their arrival and departure times in the MIDWEST NARP FORUM THREAD, that would be awesome. You could also use the google group or the facebook page. I'd like to make as few trips to the airport as possible, but I'll obviously do whatever it takes to get people here.

If you drive: fucking google that shit.

That's all for now! If you have any questions, feel free to email me at jonbloodspray AT gmail DOT com.

First GIS result for "just fucking get here".

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