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So yeah, the 3rd Midwest NARP is next week! I have just about nothing planned, but I think it's all going to work out. Here's the list of people that are attending this year:


Seriously, I haven't kept up on shit.

Still want to attend? GO FOR IT! Really. If you have any questions about it or need directions or want to send me photoshopped pictures of kittens with your mum, you can email me at jonbloodspray AT gmail DOT com.

Aside from money for food and beer, you might want to bring about $30 for lazer tag.

Actually, everybody that's coming just go ahead and email so I can get an idea of the number

And hey, new to Dtoid and want to come party for a week? Show the fuck up and party.

Sorry if I seem apathetic about it, I'm not at all. I'm actually super excited to have so many of my favorite people in one place. I've just been super busy planning my move and working.

To reiterate: Party, my house, Toledo Ohio, next weekend, don't be afraid to come, email me or hit the forum thread for details.

If you have a secret crush you should make sure they are here as well, since the Midwest NARP tends to be a matchmaker.

Hope to see you all soon!

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