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DtoidMidwest avatar 5:16 PM on 02.22.2011  (server time)
Dtoid Midwest at PAX East/ NARP 2011 UPDATE

PAX East is so close! Which of you sexy Midwesterners out there plan on attending? I know that Jon Bloodspray, Danl Haas, ZombiePlatypus, Ruckus, and honorary MWíer IcarusKills are attending. Are you? Lets us know in the comments!

Last year was essentially the birth of Dtoid Midwest, when some warm beer spilled onto a napkin that both Danl Haas and Jon Bloodspray unknowingly were resting their hands upon. Through the magic of magicness they shared an idea, and now we have this glorious Dtoid Group.

Seriously, who wouldnít trust their children with these two?

So if you are attending PAX East this year and are a Midwesterner (or not, weíre not picky) let us know! Come say hi and have a beer with us. Weíll be the classy motherfuckers.

In other newsÖ

Itís time for a Dtoid Midwest NARP 2011 UPDATE!

First off, you should come.

You donít need to think this hard. Just come.

Iíll start with a CONFIRMED list to build a bit of hype:
Jon Bloodspray
Jesus H Christ

If I missed anyone who may have joined in the Google Group or elsewhere, please let me know. There is also a fuckton of maybeís. I hope they make the right decision and show up.

Lazer Tag is still on the docket this year, but the Cedar Point plans are a point of contention. Itís a great place, and worth it if you have never been there, but it is important to note that it will add at least 60 dollars to the trip. As other options, Iíve been looking at this Putt-Putt place which has two locations within 20 minutes of my house. Iíll scout them both out and see which one is better (i.e. has a better arcade). There is also a place called Nickel World which is a really cheap arcade. Itís something like $2.50 to get in, and all the games are a nickel or free. I havenít been there in about 9 years, but I can go scope it out and see if itís still a rad place(and how could it not be? Look at those bouncing stick figures!).

Let me know what you think about these options. Also consider that those three places are close enough we could go to all three in a day if we wanted to. One of the Putt-Putt locations is literally around the corner from Nickel World. If there isnít a consensus within a week or so after PAX East Iím just going to make a decision.

Thatís about it as far as how the planning is going at the moment.

There is another small update I need to bring up. This year I have to ask that the NARP is drug free. I know, I know, itís Jon Bloodsprayís place, lololololololololol. Itís just a bit too big this year to have that kind of stuff going on. I canít enforce this, but just please keep in mind this is my home.

Also, as a way to make this easier for me to keep tabs on, please send your email to jonbloodspray RAT gmail ROT com. That way I can be sure everyone is getting info, and you can send me any questions that you have.

For anything else you may need, comment below or leave a message in the forum thread!

One more word from Destructoid member Dyganth - "... the MW crew is awesome though, can't wait to meet you guys again!"

Damn straight.

Canít wait to see some of you at PAX East, and hopefully make some new friends and members!

Stay sexy.

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