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DtoidMidwest avatar 9:48 PM on 08.19.2010  (server time)

After months of planning and excitement, the 2010 DTOID MIDWEST CEDAR POINT NARP came together and exploded in a supernova of pure awesome and sexy. We had games, booze and most importantly, fucking sexy Dtoiders.

Friday started at about 7pm with everybody meeting at Jon Bloodspray’s house in Toledo, Ohio. After introductions, we made a beer run to add to the many bottles of hard liquor we already had. It’s should be noted that a 5 liter box of wine was purchased. After a bit of drinking we went to see the Scott Pilgrim movie, and we had a fun time in the theater. Gatsby was nearly kicked out of the theater (because MOAR BOX WINE), but in the end we were allowed to stay and watch the whole movie. We came home to a generous dinner prepared by Mama Bloodspray. Games were played, alcohol was imbibed, and it was overall a casual fun night, closing out at around 5am.

Saturday morning we pushed our hangovers aside, ate an awesome homemade breakfast and set out for the park around 11am. It was busy as hell, and hot as a whore in church, but damned if we didn’t have a good time. Shortly into the day it rained, which cooled it down significantly, but also temporarily closed some of the rides. Six of one, half dozen of the other. We still managed to get on a lot of rides, and snagged a couple of the most epic brofist pictures ever.

Later in the night we went to Cedar Point’s huge arcade, where DanlHaas dominated DDR, Jon Bloodspray broke a personal SkeeBall record, HerosPlayDumb was furious that they didn’t have Initial D, and IcarusKills busted out a stunning rendition of Cliffs of Dover on expert. Shortly before close tickets were pooled and everyone received their very own Dtoid green key chain.

Arriving back at the Bloodspray homestead shortly after midnight, we found yet another meal awaiting us, and also a cake provided to us by IcarusKills’ roommate(THANKS!) We ate, then proceeded to drink and game hard as fuck.

This may as well go here:

There was some Marvel vs Capcom 2, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and some other things, but damned if any of us can remember what else we played. In the realm of meat space we also played (or started, at least) a game of Kings.

Things get pretty blurry for everyone from here on out, but we all remember laughing most of the time, so it’s safe to say we were having a good time. Here’s a picture of Diverse as a pretty princess.

If you would like to see more, click here for the pic dump in the Cedar Point NARP forum thread. Seriously, go look. Some of these are brilliant.

Sunday came to light, and people slowly and sadly began to make their ways to the road. As people drifted out the door, we all looked forward to the next meet up, whenever and where ever it may come to pass. By Monday morning everyone had started on their way home, and the DTOID MIDWEST CEDAR POINT NARP 2010 finally drew to a close.

So it happened. We all met new people and partied and became bros. Here's to IcarusKills, ZombiePlatypus, Moses Early, FDC Ruckus, DanlHaas, Jon Bloodspray, HerosPlayDumb, Diverse, Gatsby, BigD, and NihonTiger90. We got the Midwest together to show that we will not be forgotten, and fuckin’ a-right ok did we ever have a great time. We’ve established a solid foundation to build the Midwest community, so let’s all push it hard. Now that we’ve started something special, cut our own slice of the ‘Toid, we cannot be stopped.

Keep your ears to the ground, we won’t be asleep for long.


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