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DtoidEurope avatar 5:51 AM on 02.23.2010  (server time)
mistic's Birthday NARP recap ( PICS )

Last weekend we had a NARP to celebrate my ( mistic ) birthday. We did it at our usual location, to be specific, Teh Lair. It was a great weekend, we started on Friday-evening and kept going until Sunday-noon.

So is this thing on yet? are we ready?

table looks ok, how about the TV's? we ready to go?

What about the Bar-area?

Fridge loaded with 100+ beers?
Fridge topped off with 50+ energy-drinks?

Ok here we go...

There's a very good reason we put the PS3 in the bar-area and you're looking at it right now... GH:Metallica is LOUD :-)

Po0ky has been wanting to give this a go for several euronarps, so I set it up just for him :-)

I always like to think that we provide something for everybody...

3 of the things we're most known for are in this picture, two of which are games and beer...

Wanna try out an X-Rocker? How about 1080°Snowboarding and a Thrustmaster-NGC-screen? How about all 3 of those at the same time?

Or just play a crazy 4-player game?

Or have some downtime from the screens and race some slots?

And here's the table from the first picture again after 24 hours of gaming ( still 16 after that but I was so busy playing games that I didn't take any more pictures )

Overal it was a brilliant NARP... We had 5 people that planned to stay for the whole 3 days and 5 that planned to come for just one night but 2 of the one-nighters ended up staying for the whole weekend, and as usual we had a few people just passing by over the whole weekend.

Just too bad our compo-manager for the big euroNARP couldn't be there since he was too busy becoming a father... Congrats on the baby to Undergod!

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