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DtoidEurope avatar 12:58 PM on 01.28.2009  (server time)
Europeans! Unite like the European Union! -> the start of the dtoidEurope-group...

A way to connect all europeans and organise meetups, narps and the rest a whole lot easier :-)
A lot of US-cities have a google-group and blog to easily connect to eachother, now us Eurofags have our own group and blog ( banner should be redesigned asap as it merely shows my first tryout in GIMP, same goes for the avatar but that was second, submit your designs to the googlegroup! ) .

Post anything you're about to do related to gaming to the group and then I'll go through them and post a regular update to the blog so everybody gets notified of it. If anyone wants to join in as an active admin, feel free to notify me :-) ( we'll prolly start a google-calendar as well, we get a nice overview of all the events going on )

the googlegroup is:

The first 2 events that'll happen ( and that I'm aware of at the moment ) are the miniEuroNARP and the EURONARP2 ( both hosted by me (mistic)).

the first EURONARP was absolutely EPIC, if in doubt, read the recap: here

here's a pic of the "survivors" of the 1st EURONARP:

So as for the events that are coming, as you'll see on the googlegroup, 2 of them have been added already.


febuary 2009
1. MiniRetroEuroNARP in honour of mistic's birthday
Country: Belgium
Date: 21 + 22 February 2009
organiser: mistic
Description: Small version of the EURONARP, only retro-consoles allowed ( nothing of 'this gen' ), max 10 people

september 2009
Country: Belgium
Date: 4+5+6 september 2009
organiser: mistic
Description: Second Edition of the EURONARP, bigger, badder and more badass! ;-)

So if you have any more events coming up, or are planning to organise a few, simply join the group and start contributing!

I sadly can't access gmail from work, so I will only be able to 'allow' new members into the group in the evening for the next few days ;-)

With this, I say good evening to you all, and now I'll go outside to smoke a bit :-)

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