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DtoidEurope avatar 8:36 AM on 01.06.2011  (server time)
Europe's Gaming Heaven will open again: EuroNARP 3.5

February is coming, and you know what that means! Teh Lair will be opened again for one weekend for EuroNARP 3.5 to celebrate mistic's birthday!

If you want to know what to expect, read up on our past events, like EuroNARP 3 .

Teh Lair

The 19th of February is mistic's birthday and what better way to celebrate a birthday then to go totally wild on videogames in one of the coolest places on earth?

If you want to join us in this celebration of all things videogames ( and also mistic's birthday :-) ), join our GoogleGroup and get in touch with the rest of our European Community ( see what I did there? )

Teh Lair Mainroom on sunday morning at EuroNARP 3

General Information

Date: 20:00 18th of February 2011 till noon on the 20th of February 2011
AgeReq: 18+ ( legal purposes )
Location: In the North of Belgium ( Railwaystation with almost direct connection to Brussels Airport on friday and decent cheap connection back on sunday is very closeby, also 2 highways are closeby ( 20min drive ) so it is very reachable :-) )

What to bring:
- Sleeping stuff, preferably a sleeping bag AND something to sleep ON since there prolly won't be enough seats for everyone to sleep :p
- Gaming materials ( not required, but appreciated :-) ) make sure to put labels on EVERYTHING you bring since there's a good chance there'll be multiple copies of anything :-)
- stuff to eat, candy, chips, whatever we have some stuff available for very very low prices, but you're allowed to bring whatever you want, though the fridge is 80% reserved for the bar of course :-)

Also, we'll be broadcasting straight to Destructoid Live and fight the DtoidCrew in their HQ :-)

We can't wait to welcome you to Teh Lair for another EPIC EuroNARP

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