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DtoidEurope avatar 2:27 AM on 08.23.2010  (server time)
EuroNARP3: here's what you missed, but you can join us next time ;-)

Just about a week ago, EuroNARP3 came to an end... It was glorious, EPIC, mad, crazy and utterly amazing!

Thanks to the work Po0ky and me ( mistic ) put in, combined with various donations of TV's, we were able to create 7 totally different zones with a total of 16 operational gaming-setups ( Screen + console/pc ). So we'll start off with a short tour of Teh Lair as it was set up during EuroNARP3.

Teh Lair:

Always start at the beginning, this was our MainZ0ne:

Every year we try to do something new, this year, I went and looked for my old LEGO-boxes and we created this blank canvas for people to work on, some great projects have been started, none of them are finished yet, so we're not putting any pics online about those until they're finished :-) They're all being done by "regulars" so prolly by the next EuroNARP we'll have some finished projects for you all to watch :-)

Right next to the LEGO-Zone, we've got the slotcarzone... A bunch of us used to have these at home when we were smaller, I however was never allowed to have a slotcartrack when I was young, so I got one with a vengeance, this is the Carrera-Exclusive-Diesel-battle-track with the Audi R10 and the Peugeot-counterpart from Le Mans.

Belgium is the country of beer, we've got more then 600 officially recognized brands of beer so no NARP-location would be complete without a bar :-) of course, since it's a NARP, we need to be able to play games there as well :-)

We've got slot-car-racing, but the real deal is downstairs in the Racez0ne. We had a 2-PC-setup with each pc connected to a homemade racingseat and a decent racingwheel ( Logitech G25 and Momo-wheel ). This was probably the setup that was most used over the weekend, and also the most amusing cam on tinychat to watch for the rest of the world :-)

Another z0ne that was added this year is the Rythm-z0ne, where 2 dance-mats and 2 fighting-arena's were available, also a PS2 and Dreamcast with lightgun, which turned out to be hugely succesfull :-)

To provide enough screens and consoles for some multiplayer HALO we set up this TV with 2 seats behing the GuitarHeroZ0ne:

and of course, the GuitarHeroz0ne itself (including a SEGA-mega-drive setup ):

To have people stay for 3 days, you need to provide some sleepingspace, so we have our own little-caming-ground going on:

And of course, 3 days of gaming, needs good food too, so we've got breakfast and dinner-arangements for all:
breakfast on Sunday:

Spaghetty-dinner on Saturday:

Of course, in the course of 3 days, you sometimes need to relax a little, so we watched the full AMV HELL-series, it's tip for all anime-lovers:

Finally I also got a pic of myself (mistic) at the EuroNARP:

Sadly the tournaments against the other NARPs went a bit to hell due to bad planning, but it was still amazingly fun to chat and watch the other NARPs in action, I really hope you all liked our 7 streams because we totally destroyed the internet at Teh Lair, so my brother and father will have almost no internet for another month, but as said before it was all worth it!!! Next time we'll just have to set up a better planning/calendar for the tournaments, but that's what we do it for, every time we learn stuff and try to improve on it for next time :-)

speaking of which, looks like our next "BIG" narp will be the one for my birthday in the weekend of the 19th of February ( EuroNARP3.5 ) so be sure to join our googlegroup ( as explained right there => ) and join the madness next time!

Also, here's a short vid of shitty quality that lets you experience the mainroom in action:

if the embed doesn't work for you, here's the full youtube-link:

So hope to see you all next time ;-)

mistic and Po0ky

PS: this is just a small selection of the pics available, for the full gallery, go here:

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