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12:52 PM on 05.25.2012

Time for the EuroNARP's 5th Anniversary! Come Join Us!

Summer is approaching and with that the next EuroNARP: EuroNARP 5!

This will be a very special one as it will also be our 20th EuroNARP, so we're gonna make it completely crazy and Bigger, Better and more Badass!

To give you an idea of what to expect, here's the official recap of EuroNARP 4.5 from february of this year:

if the embedding doesn't work here's the link

If you want to know more about what a NARP is, go here ( also contains pics of EuroNARP4 )

So, now you know what this is all about, let's get down to the details!

EuroNARP 5 details:

Start: Friday June 29 at 8pm
End: Sunday July 1st at noon

Location: Teh Lair This is our semi-hidden location in Essen in the North of Belgium ( NOT the one in Germany! )

Price: 40 euros ( 3 days ) - 25 euros ( 1 night ) - 30 euros ( 1 night + BBQ ) so it's best when you come for 3 days as it's the best deal ;-)


- breakfast on saturday & sunday
- huge BBQ on saturday-evening
- LOTS & LOTS of Belgian High Quality Beer, Cola & Energy Drinks

What to bring:

- tent
- Sleepingbag + something to sleep on
- Games / Controllers / TV : let us know when registering if you want to bring something allong and we'll let you know if we still have a spot for it! Remember to mark your stuff clearly, in 5 years nobody ever lost anything and we want to keep that winning streak going!


Simply send a mail to "TehLair" "@" "", we'll then send you the payment & exact location- details, once we get your money you're registered! ( paypal is ok too ;-) )

We can't wait to see you there!   read

3:55 AM on 05.03.2011

Your favourite European gamingfestival is back: EuroNARP4

We've been doing this for 4 years already, 3 BIG EuroNARPs and dozens of smaller ones after the first edition, it is time for the 4th Summer edition! Once again, we'll be opening Teh Lair│ for a weekend of pure gaming madness with people from all over the world!

Location & Date:

We'll start on the 15th of july at the regular time ( 8pm CET ) in our very own gamingheaven: "Teh Lair│"

The last few months we've been working on updating it even more from our last event ( EuroNARP 3.5 ) and we're sure you'll be pleasantly surprised at the new additions.

For those of you who don't know Teh Lair│, it's a "hidden" location in the middle of an industrial site, therefor there are absolutely no soundlimits and nobody comes to disturb us, perfect for a NARP! It's in the North of Belgium just below the Dutch border. It can be reached easily by car and public transport ( direct train-connection from Brussels on friday, 1 step-over rest of the weekend ).

As usual, we'll close up around noon on sunday so everyone can get home at a slightly decent time.

Prices & Offerings

Since we spend quite a lot of electricity and stuff, we're sadly forced to charge a small entrancefee of 20 euros.

for this price you get:

- 3 days of gaming madness
- Space on our campinggrounds
- Breakfast on Saturdaymorning and Sundaymorning
- BBQ on Saturdayevening
- a huuuuuuuuuuuuge amount of fun

How to join?

the easiest way is to follow the instructions on the right ( => ) on how to join our googlegroup, all relevant information will be passed through there ( excact address, contact phonenumbers etc )

Hope to see you all there!


8:36 AM on 01.06.2011

Europe's Gaming Heaven will open again: EuroNARP 3.5

February is coming, and you know what that means! Teh Lair will be opened again for one weekend for EuroNARP 3.5 to celebrate mistic's birthday!

If you want to know what to expect, read up on our past events, like EuroNARP 3 .

Teh Lair

The 19th of February is mistic's birthday and what better way to celebrate a birthday then to go totally wild on videogames in one of the coolest places on earth?

If you want to join us in this celebration of all things videogames ( and also mistic's birthday :-) ), join our GoogleGroup and get in touch with the rest of our European Community ( see what I did there? )

Teh Lair Mainroom on sunday morning at EuroNARP 3

General Information

Date: 20:00 18th of February 2011 till noon on the 20th of February 2011
AgeReq: 18+ ( legal purposes )
Location: In the North of Belgium ( Railwaystation with almost direct connection to Brussels Airport on friday and decent cheap connection back on sunday is very closeby, also 2 highways are closeby ( 20min drive ) so it is very reachable :-) )

What to bring:
- Sleeping stuff, preferably a sleeping bag AND something to sleep ON since there prolly won't be enough seats for everyone to sleep :p
- Gaming materials ( not required, but appreciated :-) ) make sure to put labels on EVERYTHING you bring since there's a good chance there'll be multiple copies of anything :-)
- stuff to eat, candy, chips, whatever we have some stuff available for very very low prices, but you're allowed to bring whatever you want, though the fridge is 80% reserved for the bar of course :-)

Also, we'll be broadcasting straight to Destructoid Live and fight the DtoidCrew in their HQ :-)

We can't wait to welcome you to Teh Lair for another EPIC EuroNARP   read

2:27 AM on 08.23.2010

EuroNARP3: here's what you missed, but you can join us next time ;-)

Just about a week ago, EuroNARP3 came to an end... It was glorious, EPIC, mad, crazy and utterly amazing!

Thanks to the work Po0ky and me ( mistic ) put in, combined with various donations of TV's, we were able to create 7 totally different zones with a total of 16 operational gaming-setups ( Screen + console/pc ). So we'll start off with a short tour of Teh Lair as it was set up during EuroNARP3.

Teh Lair:

Always start at the beginning, this was our MainZ0ne:

Every year we try to do something new, this year, I went and looked for my old LEGO-boxes and we created this blank canvas for people to work on, some great projects have been started, none of them are finished yet, so we're not putting any pics online about those until they're finished :-) They're all being done by "regulars" so prolly by the next EuroNARP we'll have some finished projects for you all to watch :-)

Right next to the LEGO-Zone, we've got the slotcarzone... A bunch of us used to have these at home when we were smaller, I however was never allowed to have a slotcartrack when I was young, so I got one with a vengeance, this is the Carrera-Exclusive-Diesel-battle-track with the Audi R10 and the Peugeot-counterpart from Le Mans.

Belgium is the country of beer, we've got more then 600 officially recognized brands of beer so no NARP-location would be complete without a bar :-) of course, since it's a NARP, we need to be able to play games there as well :-)

We've got slot-car-racing, but the real deal is downstairs in the Racez0ne. We had a 2-PC-setup with each pc connected to a homemade racingseat and a decent racingwheel ( Logitech G25 and Momo-wheel ). This was probably the setup that was most used over the weekend, and also the most amusing cam on tinychat to watch for the rest of the world :-)

Another z0ne that was added this year is the Rythm-z0ne, where 2 dance-mats and 2 fighting-arena's were available, also a PS2 and Dreamcast with lightgun, which turned out to be hugely succesfull :-)

To provide enough screens and consoles for some multiplayer HALO we set up this TV with 2 seats behing the GuitarHeroZ0ne:

and of course, the GuitarHeroz0ne itself (including a SEGA-mega-drive setup ):

To have people stay for 3 days, you need to provide some sleepingspace, so we have our own little-caming-ground going on:

And of course, 3 days of gaming, needs good food too, so we've got breakfast and dinner-arangements for all:
breakfast on Sunday:

Spaghetty-dinner on Saturday:

Of course, in the course of 3 days, you sometimes need to relax a little, so we watched the full AMV HELL-series, it's tip for all anime-lovers:

Finally I also got a pic of myself (mistic) at the EuroNARP:

Sadly the tournaments against the other NARPs went a bit to hell due to bad planning, but it was still amazingly fun to chat and watch the other NARPs in action, I really hope you all liked our 7 streams because we totally destroyed the internet at Teh Lair, so my brother and father will have almost no internet for another month, but as said before it was all worth it!!! Next time we'll just have to set up a better planning/calendar for the tournaments, but that's what we do it for, every time we learn stuff and try to improve on it for next time :-)

speaking of which, looks like our next "BIG" narp will be the one for my birthday in the weekend of the 19th of February ( EuroNARP3.5 ) so be sure to join our googlegroup ( as explained right there => ) and join the madness next time!

Also, here's a short vid of shitty quality that lets you experience the mainroom in action:

if the embed doesn't work for you, here's the full youtube-link:

So hope to see you all next time ;-)

mistic and Po0ky

PS: this is just a small selection of the pics available, for the full gallery, go here:   read

2:14 AM on 08.03.2010

EuroNARP3: DtoidEurope vs. The World - Just 10 more days to go!!!

Alright! Just 10 more days before the EPIC EuroNARP takes place once more, the third anual EuroNARP is almost a go!

We can't wait to welcome all of you once again in Teh Lair!

We've been doing a hell of a lot of work in Teh Lair over the past year, it has become 3 times as big as it was 5 years ago when Po0ky and I officially opened the place with a LAN-party :-)

if you haven't registered yet with the googlegroup, do so now so you can get access to the address of this fabulous location and join us at the EuroNARP so you can experience the madness that is Teh Lair yourself and experience a whole other level of games!

10 more days and you can experience all of this and more :-)   read

12:47 PM on 07.29.2010

Destructoid Europe now with moaaar Facebook

Alright it's finally happened, next to our blog, we've set up a Facebook page to make it easier for us all to get together and connect :-)

so without further ado :

Click here!

So join up and try to join us at the EuroNARP in a few weeks time ;-)



PS: sorry for the short blog, but all that needed to be said is said for now I believe :-)   read

12:59 AM on 07.16.2010

EuroNARP3: DtoidEurope vs. TheWorld! -TRAILER!-

In 1 month's time, the 3rd anniversary of the most legendary NARP this side of the ocean will happen. The same weekend, we'll be celebrating the 5 year anniversary of Teh Lair ( the greatest NARP-location of all time ).

As you know from the previous post , we're challenging the world on this one. We've received one counter-challenge already so currently there's 2 tournaments *confirmed*

- DtoidEurope Challenges The World to a S-class SUV-race on the Nordschleife in Forza3
- DtoidSF Challenges The World to a SSFIV-tournament

We're still waiting to hear from the other citygroups :-)

By now, most of you are familiar with Teh Lair , well this weekend we'll be spending our fourth weekend there to prepare for the awesomeness that is the EuroNARP, so we can deliver the best possible experience to you...

Now here's something for you all, a trailer for the EuroNARP, made by the GREAT Ian Roberts from the DtoidUK-group.


Hope to see you all at the next EuroNARP: 13 to 15th of August 2010, Belgium.



full quality vid: right click, save as   read

2:52 AM on 04.07.2010

Rebuilding Teh Lair, Europe's number 1 NARP-location ( pic-report )

by now, we all know Teh Lair, as those who've been following the euronarp-events for some time will know, we've got 1 container that is painted and built to actually be a gaming-heaven, and we've got 2 containers that just get stuffed with consoles everytime:

po0ky and I decided to change that, so we did our first 3-day-contruction works last weekend. We painted the 2 leftover containers, in the following stages, we'll be doing a LOT of big works to make sure the EURONARP3 will trump all previous euronarps :-)

Po0ky painting the walls in the bar, as you'll see below, we also painted all windows to improve the lighting during the day ;-)

The container downstairs is almost ready to get a paintjob.

since we were painting the other containers, the main-container was stuffed with all the crap from the other containers that we couldn't simply put in the middle.

I was also doing some work of course :-)

Since we got a lot of custom-made artwork in the downstairs-container, we had to cover it all to protect it from the paint:

As we don't make any money of our narps, we had to use whatever paint was available in my family, the result can be seen here:

but the end result was more then worth it:


5:51 AM on 02.23.2010

mistic's Birthday NARP recap ( PICS )

Last weekend we had a NARP to celebrate my ( mistic ) birthday. We did it at our usual location, to be specific, Teh Lair. It was a great weekend, we started on Friday-evening and kept going until Sunday-noon.

So is this thing on yet? are we ready?

table looks ok, how about the TV's? we ready to go?

What about the Bar-area?

Fridge loaded with 100+ beers?
Fridge topped off with 50+ energy-drinks?

Ok here we go...

There's a very good reason we put the PS3 in the bar-area and you're looking at it right now... GH:Metallica is LOUD :-)

Po0ky has been wanting to give this a go for several euronarps, so I set it up just for him :-)

I always like to think that we provide something for everybody...

3 of the things we're most known for are in this picture, two of which are games and beer...

Wanna try out an X-Rocker? How about 1080░Snowboarding and a Thrustmaster-NGC-screen? How about all 3 of those at the same time?

Or just play a crazy 4-player game?

Or have some downtime from the screens and race some slots?

And here's the table from the first picture again after 24 hours of gaming ( still 16 after that but I was so busy playing games that I didn't take any more pictures )

Overal it was a brilliant NARP... We had 5 people that planned to stay for the whole 3 days and 5 that planned to come for just one night but 2 of the one-nighters ended up staying for the whole weekend, and as usual we had a few people just passing by over the whole weekend.

Just too bad our compo-manager for the big euroNARP couldn't be there since he was too busy becoming a father... Congrats on the baby to Undergod!   read

3:24 AM on 01.19.2010


as quoted from Hamza.

Well we're not really gonna rename our group to that, we just want to re-introduce ourselves to you by means of this blog, and invite you guys to join us for the next NARPs :-)

This was the final group of gamers that survived the 3 days of gaming that was the first EURONARP... in the mean time we've done a bunch of smaller ones and we're keeping up the yearly large one as well.
read this to get an idea how the euronarps are

So what is this blog? and what's up with the group?

This blog is like the US-citygroups, but then for the whole of Europe...

Why for the whole of Europe at once? Well, we simply don't have enough European residents yet ( except for the UK then ) to start more localised groups.

The idea is that every European-dtoider becomes a member of the google-group DtoidEurope.

On that group anyone can post what they are doing or planning to do, then I ( mistic ) and hopefully some of you willing to join in for this cause, will filter this into a calendar and regularly post updates in the blog with what's going on in the next few weeks/months.

this is the group-page:

So join the group, and mark this blog as your 'friend', that way you'll easily be able to follow any events that might happen.

You are invited to share anything with us in regards to gaming-events, going to a tradeshow? going to a LAN? throwing a NARP? just need some guys to hang out with over the weekend? want to plan a gamingmarathon-online ( eg play through whole campaign in one go )? anything is possible! This way we can all get together and get to know eachother a bit better...

our currently most used NARP-location:

So what's up next?

4 events are currently planned, but only one has a final date already :-)

1. mistic's Birthday NARP @ Teh Lair ( Essen, Belgium ) 19 , 20 & 21st of february
2. n0brein's Berlin NARP ( Berlin, Germany ) date not set yet
3. DtoidUK's Barcelona Trip ( Barcelona, Spain ) dunno yet which date they'll do that, but we can join in
4. EURONARP3 @ Teh Lair ( Essen, Belgium ) somewhere near the end of August

So, If you want to join in on any of these events, or want your event to be added to the list, join our mailing group and let us know what you're up to ;-)

Hope to see you all at the next few events!   read

3:25 AM on 12.07.2009

(semi) Illegal fireworks? Beer? Food? Games? All will be there!

It has been a while since you heard from us, basically since the last EuroNARP if you're not part of our googlegroup :-) So we figured it was time to organise something again! Last year Po0ky and mistic (me), held a new year's eve party at my current home, to play games all night long, get wasted on Belgian beer and shoot a shitload of fireworks...

It was a huge success, but we also "discovered" something... On new year's eve the online games become a LOT more serious... even on XBLive we never had to mute someone... The reason for this is quite clear, on that night, only the truly hardcore stick around to play games while all those snot-nosed brats are forced by their parents to join them in celebration, and all the "Jocks" are at those lame festivities all over the world :-)

Since I can't really host a new years' eve in my current appartment ( due to it being to small ), I decided to move it to the regular NARP location ( which is by now known by most of you :-) ) Teh Lair... Where we are basically free to do as we please since it's in the middle of an Industrial Site, hidden in a miniature forest ( out of sight from nosy 'governement officials' ), there's no soundlimits since it's in an industrial site and the 'forest' is wedged between a few companies, so no direct access is possible from the street :-)

So what are we offering you guys?

- Free taxi service from the trainstation in Essen ( Belgium NOT the one in Germany! ) until 18h ( since then I have to start preparing the f0000d )
- A large selection of Belgian beers
- A nice an copious meal
- A huge fireworksdisplay at midnight
- All gaming-consoles from Atari 2600 up to and including the PS3 plus a bunch of TV's to play them on
- A place to crash once the partying gets too much :-)

Here's the recap of the previous party

For unlimited food, drinks and the fireworks, we'll have to ask you guys for about 20 euros entrance fee and to make sure we've got enough place to crash for everyone it is really VITAL that you let us know beforehand when you'll come... to do this, send a mail to tehlair @ that famous mailservice from Google :-)

We'll send you payment details after you've let us know you'll be joining us :-)

( we want people to pay beforehand so we don't get any last-minute cancellations, food will be ordered at the latest 5 days in advance, same with beer so after that time, no more refunds!!!! ) Also, for thos doubting my intentions, we've never made ANY profit from any NARP we do, all money goes to food, drinks and such, should there be any money left, we'll give it back to you guys when you leave, but we've become pretty good at estimating costs of something like this ;-)   read

11:21 AM on 08.26.2009

NARPed-ALP v0.2 almost ready for your NARPsess

Are you the host of awesome NARPs? Want to set up something bigger? Think outside the console?
Read on!

Dear fellow destructoid members.

I'm finally back with some more information on the website EuroNARP 2 is using for organizational purposes. For those who have absolutely no clue what I'm on about, please read my previous post for a first glimpse of what this website thingie is all about.

First off, the name change: I'm (soon! I promise!) releasing the website in the current form - a spin-off from ALP - as NARPed-ALP. I'll be maintaining it for bugs like-so. This implies there will be a brand new version written from the ground up under the name NARPed. More information and requests for comment will come later about that: READ: certainly after euronarp 2 and somewhere before euronarp┬│.

Added a google map that shows where users are coming from. May facilitate the whole car-pooling process.
Made it possible to have multiple tech requests. This might not be so useful for you, but it was for me.
Added feeds for both news and replies on news items.
Added an irc page and some free java applet for those who can't be bothered to use a real irc client.

Fix the installer system
Fix multi-language-ness
Remove tournament mode (meaningless, I know... it's just a todo)

You WANT it?!
For development of the website, take a peek at
As soon as I feel like the installer has been fixed, I'll be tagging a release and providing packages.
You can already download a svn snapshot right from the svn browser.
Note: This is also where bugs should be filed and requests should be entered.

And for the fun of it, some screenshots!

Image below is: besides resized, an overview of the (google) map with the current attendees for euronarp 2 (those who have set their coordinates really).

You can easily pinpoint your latitude and longitude (what you need to set your location) by clicking the map and reading out the values below on the right.

Below: Overview of a news post and some replies. Nevermind that dutch in there...

You can also catch a better view of them rss feeds right-above.

IRC with the applet opened up. I suppose it's open for improvement.


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