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DtoidDenver's blog

10:30 AM on 02.26.2009

Dtoid Denver @ The Boulder Strong Ale Fest This Saturday

Just figured I'd but up a little reminder that a few of the Dtoid Denver members are planning to meet up at the 7th Annual Boulder Strong Ale Festival. So if you live in or around Colorado and want to meet up with a few Dtoiders for a drink or two join Entrager and shipero at Harpo's sports grill this Saturday from 12-6PM.

Also be sure to check out the forums and join our Google group for more info on the potential 3 year anniversary NARP and other upcoming events.

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11:55 AM on 02.03.2009

Introducing DtoidDenver

Greetings mile high Dtoiders. Welcome to the shiny new DtoidDenver group. I figured it be a good chance to test the water and see if there are any other Coloradans interested in NARPs or any other get-togethers. I mean why let the other cities have all the fun, right? We can get together and do all the things that Denverites love to do, like skiing, drinking Coors, and getting nuked in mediocre television dramas.

If you are interested join our Google Group and together we can sit atop our mountain perch and look down upon the less elevated states. For surely our higher altitude means that we are the NARP group that is closest to god.

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