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11:34 AM on 05.12.2011

Celebrities expected to appear during Spring BaltiNARP 2011

That's right! At some point during the Spring BaltiNARP 2011 this weekend, celebrities are expected to appear in other places. See what we did there? But screw the celebrities, you should come to the NARP anyway!

Reasons not to attend include:

* You don't like fun,
* You don't like video games,
* You don't like meeting really cool people,
* You don't like meeting really cool people who like fun and video games.

If none of the above applies to you, you should definitely be there.

Shout out time: WHO'S COMING?   read

6:58 PM on 05.03.2011

Super BaltiNARP 2011 Spring Edition: Less than 2 weeks away!

Feast your eyes on only a small portion of what you'll be missing if you don't attend this season's Baltimore/DC NARP event. Behold the sight of Dong Dong Never Die running with arcade controls. We understand, you may be busy attending your great aunt's garage sale, or you may live some place far away like Indonesia. But our estimates* have predicted that approximately five thousand visitors from China alone will be flocking to Maryland just for this event. And three of them may actually be women!

As if anything else could compare to the pinnacle of gaming that is Dong Dong Never Die, there will be many other opportunities to get your game on, including but not limited to, an Xbox 360 and PS3 on a big screen in the Modern Living room, a Dreamcast and Saturn in the Sega Love bedroom, arcade madness in the MAME room, Wii and GameCube set up in the Nintendo Loyalty basement (plus a pool table), a PS2 in the "Changston makes awesome meals" kitchen, and an Atari 7800 on the other side of the "Please cook on me Changston" stove. If that's not enough, hell, bring your own stuff, the more the merrier.

May 13th through the 15th: be here. If you live in the area and you're not on the dtoidbaltimoredc google group, first of all, shame on you. Second of all, get the hell on it so you're up to date on this, and many more activities that take place throughout the year.

* Estimates are not intended to be factual statements. What, you thought senators were the only people who lied?   read

1:53 PM on 04.08.2011

Mark your calanders: May 13-15 = next NARP!

Just a little more than one month from now, Destructoid members from the MD, DC, VA, DE, PA, and NJ communities (did I get everyone this time?) will be getting their NARP on at Procyon's house. This semi annual get together is your chance to bump elbows with some of Destructoid's most elite and notable members during a weekend long gaming fest. Picture a house with at least 7 TVs and monitors up and running at all times, playing the latest games, and challenging players to many of the classics, including this year's feature game, Dong Dong Never Die (screenshot above)! Also get the opportunity to taste some of Changston's amazing cooking maybe possibly. So save the date. If you have other plans, cancel them! You won't want to miss the epic epicness. If you're not on the Balt/DC destructoid google group, get on it today!   read

9:55 PM on 03.22.2011

Cherry Blossoms get-together.

It's like that, but less inky.

A group of BaltimoreDC Dtoiders are getting together in Washington to see the cherry blossoms at their peak bloom. It's a good time to get together, be one with nature, y'know. Hippie stuff. Here's the schedule of the day:

Date: Sunday, April 3

11 AM - Meet up for a dim sum breakfast at Hollywood East Cafe. 11160 Veirs Mill Road, Wheaton, MD 20902-4640 (In Wheaton mall)

1:30-2:00ish PM - Arrive at the L'enfant Plaza metro stop, walk on over to the cherry blossoms at the Tidal Basin.

If you're interested, join our google group and let us know!   read

11:42 PM on 02.02.2011

Video Games Live Concert - Feb. 26

MAGfest tided over some of our music and video gaming needs, but we need more. As fate would have it, the Video Games Live show is playing in the DC area. Held at the Music Center at Strathmore, the National Symphonic Orchestra will be playing a wide variety of compositions, from the 8-bit melodies embedded into our memories to the grand orchestral suites that prevail today. Polish your monocle and dust off your top hat and prepare to inject some culture into your life. Or just come anyway and have a kickass time.

Time: Feb. 26, 8:00 PM
Place: Music Center at Strathmore (Grosvenor-Strathmore Metro Stop on the Red Line)
Cost: $35.00 per ticket

If you're interested, join our google group and let us know. We're planning on ordering tickets by Feb 11 so reply by then.   read

6:46 PM on 11.10.2010

Balt/DC NARP real reason behind blog reset!!!

The following blog post does not represent the position of Destructoid, DtoidBaltimoreDC, and any of its members in any way, and is purely the mad ramblings of someone who managed to hack into DtoidBaltimoreDC's account.

Don't buy this nonsense about the testing out of #old Destructoid and #new Destructoid. That's just a cover up perpetuated by the right wing religious conservative Destructoid administrators! No, the REAL reason behind the missing posts is because the announcement for Baltimore/DC's next NARP was SO EPIC, that the other NARP communities were SO JEALOUS and they conspired together and lobbied Destructoid to make it disappear!!!

That's right, you heard it here first, but the TRUTH MUST BE REVEALED. They don't want you to know that the NARP will be held on November 19, 20, and 21. They don't want you to know that any Destructoid reader is invited to crash at Procyon's pad in the middle of nowhere in northern Baltimore County right off I-83 for the whole weekend to play video games non-stop. They don't want you to know that there will be EIGHT STATIONS set up to satisfy even the most eclectic video game tastes, including everything from the latest consoles to the Dreamcast, PlayStation 1 & 2, the earliest days of Atari gaming, and the greatest arcade games ever made emulated and playable with real arcade controls!

They don't want you to know that you can join the Baltimore and DC Destructoid Google group at [email protected] to be kept informed of the latest community developments. And they don't want you to know that you can email Procyon for details about the party at Procyon.SJJ (at)

But we do. Because we care.

You've learned about it. You can't unlearn about it.   read

2:17 PM on 10.28.2010

Oh yeah... it's NARP time!

Alright all you Marylanders, Virginians, D.C.-ers, Pennsylvanians, the odd Ohian and those who live close to the Shore known as Jersey... <update>and Delawhiners</update>


Because it's on!  November 19th, 20th, and 21st at Procyon's place in the middle of nowhere.  But fear not, because he DOES have internet access, and he even has electricity.  The marvels of the modern era abound.  In this age of NARP-mindedness, we will dispense with the newb NARP-FAQ and go straight to the 8 game stations will be up and running, 1up from last year.

Xbox 360/PS3 running on the big screen on the main level (bring games)

Wii connected downstairs (don't bring games)

Gamecube set up right next to it (bring your GBAs for a reprisal of Zelda Four Sword and Pac-Man Vs.)

PS2 connected in the kitchen.

Dreamcast now upgraded to a 32" TV over the 19" monitor.  Saturn now sharing the room with the Dreamcast.

19" monitor for... something?

Complete MAME 0.140   read

1:41 PM on 04.22.2010

Bobblehead at NARP? Yeah, we got that!

Just a quick heads up to anyone that is attending this weekend's DC/MD/VA NARP, Mr. Destructoid Bobbleheads (usually only available here) will be available for purchase on Saturday. Bring your monies and get you one!

This is a last minute reminder, the NARP is at a new location so don't forget to ask for directions! All the rest of the NARP info can be found on the previous blog post.   read

2:12 PM on 04.20.2010

DC/MD/VA NARP this weekend, who's coming w/me?

This is happening. Another weekend full of gaming, debauchery, meat, pizza, towels, and hopefully a little NERF. What else could someone ask for? Classic Controller Pro? We will have that for sure!

Where: Procyon's House
When: April 23-25, TwentyTen
What: Gaming NARP w/backyard! NERF Battle anyone?
Who: DtoidBalitmoreDC's sexy self, [url= Penn]DtoidPenn[/url], and newbies
How: Vajazzle Power

We don't have a confirmed big arsenal for NERF battles, but if anyone coming has anyone and wish to contribute, it would go a long way!

A few important reminders from the host...

- BYOB. Bring as much or as little as you want, but bring it.
- Do not forget: towels, sleeping bags, pillows.
- You are welcome to bring your wireless laptops and connect to the network. There will be some gaming goodness in the shared folders.

That about sums it up! Friday starting in the afternoon (I think people are showing up more towards the "evening" time?), it shall begin. And if you are coming, make sure you hit up Procyon/Scott = procyon.sjj @ gmail DOT com for address of the shin dig. Any other additional questions can be forwarded to Adam = BlindsideDork @ gmail DOT com. And the Google Group is a sweet place for info as well.   read

11:12 AM on 04.07.2010


You read that right. Due to a significant amount of regulars being unavailable the weekend of April 16, the next DC/MD/VA NARP will be rescheduled to the following weekend. Not too much of a delay but it does give a little extra time to prepare for AMAZING!

Here is the rundown...

Where: Procyon's House
When: April 23-25, TwentyTen
What: Gaming NARP w/backyard! NERF Battle anyone?
Who: DtoidBalitmoreDC's sexy self, [url= Penn]DtoidPenn[/url], and newbies
How: Vajazzle Power

This location gives us a bit of a backyard, so if anyone has any NERF guns (N-Strike stuff?), feel free to bring your arsenal. Hopefully we will have enough for a game. I know at least five guns among two of us. More is always better...

And if you didn't realize it yet, this also means that Adam Dork can beat all you button mashin' foos in Tatsunoko vs Capcom with the new Classic Controler Pro! You aren't ready...but at least be ready enough to bring a TOWEL!

Contact for all the funness and/or directions to event is Procyon/Scott = procyon.sjj @ gmail DOT com and back-up Adam = BlindsideDork @ gmail DOT com. And the Google Group is a sweet place to be as well.   read

10:43 AM on 03.31.2010

Time for a NARP!

Sad that PAXEast is over? Still want to hang out with cool kids and play the video games? Well BaltimoreDC NARP has got you covered! That's right, we are kicking off our first NARP for twenty-ten in mid-April.

New location.
New games.
Same awesome!

The next NARP will be taking over the Parkton, MD area (this is near PA so DtoidPhilly might raid the place) starting April 16 and ending April 18. The usual suspects should all be there but the new location can allow for outdoor fun, *gasp* SUNLIGHT?! Maybe if we are lucky we can get a NERF war in or two. Also, Vajazzle Time!.

This also might be the last time we have an Agent Moo at our NARP, so it could be special!

If you want to get on it, feel free to contact Procyon/Scott at procyon.sjj [@] gmail [.] com for details. Scared of new emails? Just email BlindsideDork [@] gmail [.] com . Don't forget about the google group over there on the right >>> or via link right here.   read

11:23 AM on 01.08.2010

Goodbye MAGFest, See You Next Year!

As mentioned before, MAGFest came and happened and went but will be back! We all will be ready for an amazing time (that is better than PAX, just ask Topher) next year. Until then, we will just sit back and remember the good times we had with some highlights...

-Adam giving Topher a piggy back ride through the hotel hallway
-MvC2: King Servbot vs King Servbot
-WindJammers and the crowd that followed, which in turn gave birth to an official tournament.
-Senisan arm wrestling a few guys and being defeated by Dyganth.
-Senisan almost wrestling Adam
-Rumors of a fleet of tow trucks coming down by parachute and towing everyone
-NO ONE wanting to move their car
-Racism O' Clock
-Eleanor Rigby the Octopus
-Dyganth getting Pam to allow for greater waffle consumption
-(Chocolate chip) WAFFLES
-Roll vs Roll in TvC
-5am trip to 7-11, greeted with a Happeh New Yargh, and assured that their bread was the freshest.
-Glazed donuts
-Adam's Tweeting from the shower.
-Hito trying his best to push Mr. Destructoid bobbleheads
-Shin Oni sleeping outside of the 2603 hotel room Early Sunday morning.
-Topher rushing off into the game room to play Death Smiles
-Shin Oni basically being locked out the room each night at some point.
-Constant confusions between Rockvillian and bloodlip.
-Traditional Chili's trip...repeated
-Random texts from Jon St. John all weekend long (being called a chicken as well)
-Hotel screwing up reservation, apologized with bigger room at cheaper rate.
-Having one room packed full of people while another remained pretty much empty
-Elevator dropping 5 feet because of usage and too many people onboard.
-Three Steel Battalion controller set ups on one table.
-Zen Albatross the chick magnet
-Pondering NERF Battle Axe/Sword purchases at Target
-Adam being touched constantly by hotel waiter

A lot more went down but that is a brief collection. And although not many pics were taken (too busy enjoying the greatness), here are a few random pics:

More pics can be found on Shin Oni, Tino's facebook. So bug them for some pics! Don't forget previous recaps from earlier this week.

Topher's recap

Evil Cheese's Videos

Previous MAGFest end post

And to finish things off, here are two thrown together HD videos. One of Zen Albatross' performance on New Year's Eve night and another of Metroid Metal.


[embed]159903:26396[/embed]   read

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