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DtoidBaltimoreDC avatar 10:43 AM on 03.31.2010  (server time)
Time for a NARP!

Sad that PAXEast is over? Still want to hang out with cool kids and play the video games? Well BaltimoreDC NARP has got you covered! That's right, we are kicking off our first NARP for twenty-ten in mid-April.

New location.
New games.
Same awesome!

The next NARP will be taking over the Parkton, MD area (this is near PA so DtoidPhilly might raid the place) starting April 16 and ending April 18. The usual suspects should all be there but the new location can allow for outdoor fun, *gasp* SUNLIGHT?! Maybe if we are lucky we can get a NERF war in or two. Also, Vajazzle Time!.

This also might be the last time we have an Agent Moo at our NARP, so it could be special!

If you want to get on it, feel free to contact Procyon/Scott at procyon.sjj [@] gmail [.] com for details. Scared of new emails? Just email BlindsideDork [@] gmail [.] com . Don't forget about the google group over there on the right >>> or via link right here.

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