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DtoidBaltimoreDC avatar 2:02 PM on 11.13.2008  (server time)
NARP incoming! Tomorrow we throw down

Baltimore NARP starts tomorrow! If you aren't aware then you suck. Don't worry, you can make it up to us by joining or giving teh buttsechs! And for all you newbies coming to partake in the festivities, you might want to prepare yourself for some EPIC!

Just what kind of epic? Well for starters...

Oh yes, there will be videos and Karaoke! Not to mention videos of Karaoke!

Beyond that you can expect video games, rotating 52" HDTV, arcade cabinets, toys, zombies, cheese dip (queso, if you are early!), Hito's meatwads in your mouth, zombie board game, Mortal Kombat, alcohol, late nights of giving Hito's gamertag bad player reviews, EDF, Nick's woman trying to get you drunk, breaking your shoulder during Wii games, more stuff, and definitely lack of fail! Only the good may enter. And you can't forget about the lightsaber battles!

This weekend will be full of win! Are you ready?

PS: If you want in, hit up the Baltimore NARP email - DtoidBaltimoreDC [at] gmail [dot] com

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