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DtoidBaltimoreDC avatar 1:38 PM on 04.22.2009  (server time)
Major Baltimore Narp May 1st to 3rd. Now With a Schedule.

Alright guys. Just a reminder/schedule post for next weekend. You can view the original post here. All dtoiders are welcome. I(Hitogoroshi) have plenty of crash space for both Friday and Saturday night. Just be aware you might sleep on the floor. If you are crashing please bring a TOWEL, blanket, and pillow. I really don't have extras. Please bring snacks/beverages. :)

If you are coming and I have not yet added you to the google group e-mail me at MikeKochis[A T]gmail[DO T]com.

Games & Systems to bring: Okay I have four TVs two 50" flat panels, a 26" flat panel and a 32" Tube. I have multiples of all current and last gen systems. What we really need are extra PS3, 360 and Wii controllers. Also please bring cool classic stuff. Most of my older systems are in storage atm so bring them if there is something you want to rock.

4-5:30: Picking people up at the airport.
5:30-9:30: Grillin and chillin at my place. If you are driving this is the optimal time to show up. :)
9:30-1ish: Head over to Hon Bar for epic karaoke.
Late Night: Board/video gaming at my place

Show up any time after noon.
Noon-Sunrise: NARP!!! Gaming, debauchy and getting Topher drunk :D (It's his birthday!)

Hang out for a bit in the morning into the afternoon.
Late afternoon to early evening: Get the fuck out!

Ask questions in the comments! :)

We've got people coming from as far as California, Mexico and Canada. This promises to be the best Baltmore Narp yet!

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