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DtoidBaltimoreDC avatar 11:23 AM on 01.08.2010  (server time)
Goodbye MAGFest, See You Next Year!

As mentioned before, MAGFest came and happened and went but will be back! We all will be ready for an amazing time (that is better than PAX, just ask Topher) next year. Until then, we will just sit back and remember the good times we had with some highlights...

-Adam giving Topher a piggy back ride through the hotel hallway
-MvC2: King Servbot vs King Servbot
-WindJammers and the crowd that followed, which in turn gave birth to an official tournament.
-Senisan arm wrestling a few guys and being defeated by Dyganth.
-Senisan almost wrestling Adam
-Rumors of a fleet of tow trucks coming down by parachute and towing everyone
-NO ONE wanting to move their car
-Racism O' Clock
-Eleanor Rigby the Octopus
-Dyganth getting Pam to allow for greater waffle consumption
-(Chocolate chip) WAFFLES
-Roll vs Roll in TvC
-5am trip to 7-11, greeted with a Happeh New Yargh, and assured that their bread was the freshest.
-Glazed donuts
-Adam's Tweeting from the shower.
-Hito trying his best to push Mr. Destructoid bobbleheads
-Shin Oni sleeping outside of the 2603 hotel room Early Sunday morning.
-Topher rushing off into the game room to play Death Smiles
-Shin Oni basically being locked out the room each night at some point.
-Constant confusions between Rockvillian and bloodlip.
-Traditional Chili's trip...repeated
-Random texts from Jon St. John all weekend long (being called a chicken as well)
-Hotel screwing up reservation, apologized with bigger room at cheaper rate.
-Having one room packed full of people while another remained pretty much empty
-Elevator dropping 5 feet because of usage and too many people onboard.
-Three Steel Battalion controller set ups on one table.
-Zen Albatross the chick magnet
-Pondering NERF Battle Axe/Sword purchases at Target
-Adam being touched constantly by hotel waiter

A lot more went down but that is a brief collection. And although not many pics were taken (too busy enjoying the greatness), here are a few random pics:

More pics can be found on Shin Oni, Tino's facebook. So bug them for some pics! Don't forget previous recaps from earlier this week.

Topher's recap

Evil Cheese's Videos

Previous MAGFest end post

And to finish things off, here are two thrown together HD videos. One of Zen Albatross' performance on New Year's Eve night and another of Metroid Metal.

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