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DtoidBaltimoreDC avatar 4:59 PM on 11.03.2012  (server time)
BaltiNARP: You have ONE WEEK to prepare!

And it had been said that on the 9th day of November in the two thousandth and twelfth year of our Lord (Pac-Man), that all members of the coolest community on the inter-webs within driving distance would amass at the house of one Procyon, and there would be much rejoicing.

Games would be played, beer would slate their thirst, and laughter would ensue from the hearty gathering that took place. And they would descend into sleep at some ridiculous hour, only to rise up again the following morn, to play more games, and there would be much rejoicing.

Some gamers would attempt to find the most obscure arcade game they could find in the List of MAME, while others would filter through page after page in the Disc Volumes of PlayStation. Yet others still would attempt to familiarize themselves with far too many Wii games than could be counted. And there would be much rejoicing.

As the sun arced across the sky, food would be grilled, and Changston, holiest of cooks, would prepare a great feast for the masses that did show. And more beer would be drank than ever there was beer, and naturally, there would be much rejoicing.

Dancing aplenty would occur, either in front of the Kinect, or with Wii Remote in hand. Fighting in the Streets would occur within a room, sometimes II, sometimes III, and sometimes even IV (but almost never I), such was the majesty of the magic that occurred within Procyon's home. Plumbers would grow immense on Mushrooms, and there would be much rejoicing.

And sadly, Sunday would eventually arrive, and those who slept, curled up on couches or sleeping bags, or sleeping bags on couches, would awaken, bleary eyed, for one last round of gaming before the traditional trip to the Japanese Hibachi would commence. And then Procyon would gather the remaining attendees around, and he spoke thusly:

"It has been my honor to host these NARPs for lo these many years, and I shed a tear at the thought that this is to be that last one that I host. But my newly wedded wife is now heavy with child, and we must prepare for the coming of the legendary gamer, the one that is to save the future of video games for all eternity, for he shall be the one born with the Golden Joystick of legend. And it is my duty to train him for the upcoming battle against the mobile gods. And so, I embrace my destiny, and wish you all well."

And while a few tears were shed at the end of this speech, all felt relief at the wonderful memories created during the past weekend, and the fullness of the Japanese meal in their stomachs... and there was much rejoicing.

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