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DtoidBaltimoreDC avatar 1:27 PM on 05.08.2012  (server time)
BaltiNARP: You have one month to prepare.

Once E3 wraps up, the party is moving from the west coast to the east coast. The festival known by many names such as the BaltiNARP, the Mid-Atlantic NARP, and the Raven's Cheerleaders car wash in my driveway (please?) takes place from Friday evening, June 8, to Sunday afternoon June 10. All the usual suspects will be there. For the uninitiated, you can look forward to a weekend of pure video game debauchery at Procyon's house, including:
* The Nintendo basement: Wii and Gamecube, along with some GBAs for those rare GC/GBA compatible games (Pac-Man Vs.)
* The Next-gen living room: Xbox 360 and PS3 on a 46" flatscreen.
* New-school vs. Old-school kitchen: In one corner, a PS2. In the other corner, an Atari 7800
* The Sega love room: A Dreamcast and Saturn set up and ready to go in the guest room.
* And last but not least, the joystick pedestal of MAME, the god of ancient and classic arcade games.
Do you really want to miss this? I don't think you want to miss this. So get on board the dtoidbaltimoredc google group, to get all the latest up-to-the-minute details and let us know you're coming. Otherwise, how will Changston know how much delicious food to cook?

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