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DtoidBaltimoreDC says:

Baltimore NARP v3.0! May 2!

// Submitted @ 1:20 PM on 03.24.2009

Mike: May 2nd at my place
people are welcome to spend the night
etc etc etc
me: okay... i'll get on it eventually
Mike: post some old videos
talk about how much better we are than DtoidLA
me: HA!
Sent at 1:02 PM on Tuesday

There you have it. NARP on May 2, 2009 at Hito's place. You're welcome to spend the night. PM Hitogoroshi with your email address so he can add you to the email list where more planning will take place. Also, anybody who is in the Philadelphia area, bloodylip is willing to carpool if you'd like to meet at his apartment in Delaware (like 2 minutes from I-95).

Also occuring that weekend is Destructoid and Tomopop's own Topher Cantler's birthday! Come out and celebrate. There will be cake. And pie.

Also, DtoidLA sucks, because nobody likes Aerox.

Who would want to miss that?

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