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DtoidBaltimoreDC avatar 4:28 PM on 05.04.2009  (server time)
Baltimore NARP COMPLETE, also Topher Birthday!

Another weekend has come and past, but not just any weekend. This was an EPIC Baltimore NARP weekend! Where there was much gay time and way too much Street Fighter IV!

From trying to find Canadians at an airport to Settler's & Zombie board games, delicious Hito meat to 10 boxes of pizza that was never enough, ice cream cravings to Sexy Beach 3, and Moo's Ammo to some form of Street Fighter always being played, there was something for everyone to remember.

Unfortunately a lot of people remembered Aerox's beating them in that button masher, but something more special than someone actually beating JRo in SF4 happened. Topher had a birthday!

Once again sorry for the darkness, YouTube likes to take video turn them super dark even though they are fine in person.

Like that cake? I told you it wasn't a lie. And see how it was made in this in-depth look at Rockvillian in action.

He can sure make cake decorations fast!

And what kind of birthday celebration would it be without presents?

This is just a small taste of what happened saturday night. There's no way these measily words could come close to describing what happened but I am sure you will hear tales here and there.

Here's what's out there from this weekend's happenings so far:

Spectral had a blast! Also, Linux
Tubatic has bad cell phone pics but great memories!

Once again, thank you everyone for coming out and making this such a memorable weekend and for bringing a towel! The number 42 thanks you.

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