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DtoidAustralia avatar 9:35 PM on 03.06.2010  (server time)
The time has come...

...To get drunk and play games!

Yes my little rock wallabies,
Mana Bar is finally opening in Brisbane's Fortitude Valley on Saturday the 20th of March and I want to see all of the beautiful people from Destructoid there!

We will be starting meetups from the minute it opens at 12pm and enjoying the fruits of Yug and Yahtzee etc's labour until midnight, or till they kick us out, whichever comes first...

Obviously I don't expect everyone to do the same so to organise times for meetups make sure you are a part of our Dtoid Australia Google Group to join in our discussions of places and times to meet etc.

For those wanting to fly in from interstate or something we are having sleepovers at Ben and my(SpaceCowboy and FooLiz) place and the locals... well you have your own house to sleep at...

There will also be Sunday Sessions which I'm sure we will drag our hungover butts too but all of that will be sorted out at a later date through the google group discussions.

So I hope to see you all there and now that they're open we can start to have all sorts of fun events... can anyone say Australia's Destructoid anniversary party?

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