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DtoidAustralia avatar 7:15 AM on 09.30.2011  (server time)
October Events are here!

Hello again my spotted cuscus lovers!
Your nerdy relief is here again with some awesome events for your attendance!
For further information and updates on the following events please join our facebook, or follow us on twitter!

Dtoid Brisbane

October 1st and 2nd 2011
Console Gaming at AusCon brought to you by
Who: All Destructoid members are welcome however this event does require tickets which can be purchased at the door!
What: AusCon is the Mecca for gaming: Tabletop Miniatures, Pen and Paper RPGs, Trading Card Games, Live Action Role Play, and now, VIDEO GAMING!
We have a slew of consoles all setup for some killer gaming, mostly in the Warhammer 40k or Zombie theme (to match the AusCon vibe), but there will be stacks of other great favourites like Mario Kart, Streetfighter, etc. The main aim is to play games with other people, in the flesh!
Check the AusCon Blog for a full list of games and tournaments over the weekend.
If you can’t make it, join the AusCon gamers online all weekend!
Check Xbox Live for “Fooliz” or “Spac3 C0w80y”; or
Check PSN for “Fooliz” or “Sspace-Cowboy”
When: Saturday, 1st and Sunday, 2nd October 2011, 8am to 10:30pm
Where: Brisbane, QLD
RNA Showgrounds
Gregory Terrace, 397 Gregory Terrace, Brisbane City QLD

EB Games first ever EB EXPO 2011
Who: All Destructoid members are welcome! Tickets are needed for the event ! Tickets can be purchased on the EB Games Website or in stores.
What: It’s about time Australia got their own Gaming Expo, and Destructoid is going to be there in style! Come along and see upcoming games, Cosplay Competitions and more!
Details of the event can be found here
When: Saturday, 15th July and Sunday 16th August 2011
Where: Gold Coast, QLD
Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre

2684 Gold Coast Highway, Broadbeach, QLD

October 23rd 2011
Destructoid Australia’s Movie Night!
Studio Ghibli!
Who: All Destructoid members are welcome but will need to join our facebook for exact details.
What: Come along and enjoy some of the amazing works of Studio Ghibli!
Our viewing selection will be: Ponyo, Howl’s Moving Castle, Spirited Away, My Neighbour Totoro & Princess Mononoke! If you have any other films you'd like to watch, be sure to let me know!
BYO Drinks and popcorn!
Snacks will be available but please bring money to chip in for pizza.
When: Sunday, 23rd October 2011, 2pm
Where: Brisbane, QLD
House of BLiz
Please join our facebook for the address.

That's all for August, hope to see you all there!
Love always,
Foo Liz

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