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DtoidAustralia avatar 2:51 AM on 07.05.2010  (server time)
DtoidAustralia: July is Anti-Boredom month!

Greetings to all my winter wombats!
So apparently July is Anti-Boredom Month(seriously!) but with the lack of Independence Day and Canada Day we need to give ourselves some amazingly awesome events to keep us from getting bored.
For further information and updates on the following events please join the google group.

Dtoid Brisbane

July 9th 2010
Who: All Destructoid members are welcome!
What: The Predators movie looks awesome, I want to see my family of predators on the big screen again and I invite my fellow Aussie Dtoiders to see them! We’ll meet up at the cinema and go for some food then watch the movie at Cineplex.
When: Friday, 9th July 2010, 7:30pm
Where: Brisbane, QLD
Cineplex South Bank
167 Grey Street, South Bank QLD

July 10th 2010
Miss Burlesque International Brisbane Heats
Who: All Destructoid members are welcome but tickets are needed for this event.
What: A group of us have decided to go see some half-naked ladies in a burlesque contest. Be sure to join the google group to book tickets with us so we can all hang out together.
When: Saturday, 10th July 2010, 6pm
Where: Brisbane, QLD
The Old Museum
RNA Showgrounds
600 Gregory Terrace, Fortitude Valley QLD
Tickets can be bought here.

July 11th 2010
2010 Abbey Medieval Tournament!
Who: All Destructoid members are welcome!
What: Possibly the nerdiest event we have had, which is saying something, but it could be all kinds of awesome! We’ll meet at Murray’s place at 9am and all road trip out to Caboolture for the nerdy goodness! Join our google group for Muzza's address!
When: Sunday, 11th July 2010, 9am
Where: Brisbane, QLD
Abbey Medieval Tournament
1 - 63 The Abbey Place(off Old Toorbul Point Road), Caboolture, QLD

July 13th and 27th, 2010
Team Destructoid at "Yahtzee Croshaw presents Video Game Trivia"
Who: All Destructoid members are welcome however spaces are limited so get in early!
What: Video Game Trivia presented by Yahtzee Croshaw at the Mana Bar... need I say more?
When: Tuesday, 15th and 29th June 2010, 5pm
Where: Brisbane, QLD
Mana Bar
420 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley, QLD
When a three way tie for first place led to a showdown in Modnation Racers, we showed our gaming superiority again and won back our title! Now we just have to keep it!

July 24th 2010
Destructoid Australia’s Movie Night!
Who: All Destructoid members are welcome but will need to join the google group for exact details.
What: After the success of our first movie night it will now be a monthly event! During our post trivia dinner at Grill’d we came up with a few theme ideas and voted. This led to the theme Whedon-Mania!
Our viewing selection will be: Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along blog, Serenity, and our favourite episodes from Buffy, Angel and Firefly!
BYO Drinks and popcorn!
Snacks will be available but please bring money to chip in for pizza.
When: Saturday, 24th July 2010, 6pm
Where: Brisbane, QLD
El Casa De Muzz
Please join the google group for the address.

That's all for July, hope to see you all there!
Love always,
Foo Liz

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