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DtoidAustralia avatar 12:31 AM on 08.24.2010  (server time)
Belated NARP Recap!

Hello again my little Tassie devils!

It's finally recap time and there is a lot to tell!

Our weekend began on Friday the 13th of August:
As planned we met at Mana Bar for our kick off party, little did we know it was Friday the 13th and we were surrounded by ghouls, goblins and Ghostbusters!
There was about 12 of us there and we had secured a table in the corner next to Streetfighter.
Unfortunately they were sold out of the famous "Finish Him" shot so we kicked our night off with some "Purple Tentacles". We played some Raskulls and Streetfighter and even had a little dance. There was a lot of drinking so my memory gets a little hazy, but I do remember it being an awesome night and having to leave a little early due to the early start for the NARP.

The next morning Ben and I packed up all of our consoles, the TV, futon mattress, giant box of THQ prizes and the laptop and set off for Murray's house. We picked up some breakfast on the way and made it there at around 9:30am.
Our setup included:
The lounge room with Murray's extremely large TV and his PS3
The sun room with Murray's iMac and my laptop set up for streaming and our TV set up with a PS3, 360, N64, and a SNES.

With the Modern Warfare tournament due to start at 10am we were a little concerned that we were the only ones there. Remembering that we had been out last night we postponed the tournament until 11am. Nick and Josh arrived a little later so we started the mini tournament.
After some hilarious kills and mocking taunts we had our winners:
First Prize went to Ben:
UFC 2009 on 360
Darksiders Graphic Novel
De Blob Soundtrack Vinyl Record

Murray took out Second Prize:
Darksiders Graphic Novel
De Blob Soundtrack Vinyl Record

After the tournament, Victor, Amelia and Abby arrived and after Victor played Tech Support we began our internet streaming on Tiny Chat. With all of us there we kicked off the gaming with some traditional Buzz and some played Modnation Racers in an effort to warm up for the coming tournament.

At 3pm we began our Modnation Racers tournament.
It was a 1 on 1 knockout based system where those not racing chose the track. There were ridiculously close calls and some not so close ones but in the end it came down to Victor and Josh
Victor won First Prize:
Deadrising 2 "What Would Chuck Do" shirt
Darksiders on PS3
Darksiders Graphic Novel
Darksiders Figurine

And Josh won Second Prize:
Darksiders Graphic Novel
De Blob Soundtrack Vinyl Record

After the excitement of the tournament we decided to play one more round of Buzz before some of the gang headed to the Brisbane Roller Derby. Ben also decided to leave us to make his evening even nerdier by going to D&D.
It ended up just being Murray, Josh and myself and things got a little quiet because we were all a little tired and made the bad decision to watch Red Vs Blue. Now you might say "Why was that a bad idea? That's an awesome show" and I would tend to agree. However, in this case, Josh fell asleep after a long day and Murray got bored and played Starcraft, so we went back to gaming. It was time for some Little Big Planet madness!

Late in the evening everybody returned and they continued playing Little Big Planet, Splosion Man and chatted to the Euro boys for the rest of the evening.

Sunday was the big day. We had our huge Super Streetfighter IV tournament that everybody wanted to win, so to ensure everyone had even chances every player would play against eachother using Streetfighter arcade sticks.
Our fighters included:
Abby, Amelia, Angell, Ben, Josh, Murray, Nick, Orson, Sarah, Tom, and Victor.
There was over 40 rounds and it came down to our top 4.
Josh, Orson, Ben and Murray.
Josh had to verse Orson and Ben had to verse Murray. Ben and Josh were our victors and it came down to the final battle. They had to win best of 5 matches against eachother and it came down to the wire. Ben won 2 rounds and then Josh won 2 rounds and in the final round it was one hit away from being a double K.O but in the end Ben got the final punch in and took out first place.
Our winners received the following insanely awesome prizes:
First Prize:
Marvel Vs Capcom 3 E3 Limited Edition T-Shirt
Mini Chun-Li figurine

Second Prize:
Tatsunoko Vs Capcom Wii Madcatz Arcade Stick

After the epic tournament we were all pretty tired of Streetfighter and it was time for Rockband. We were all pretty tired for the Mario Kart tournament so we faced off on DS one on one in the Sunroom while the others played rockband. And in a surprising twist of events the two that said they wouldn't win anything took out first and second place.
Angell took out our First Prize which included:
Stranglehold on PC
Two copies of Game Informer
Darksiders Graphic Novel
De Blob Soundtrack Vinyl Record

And Sarah won Second Prize:
Lost Planet on 360
Darksiders Graphic Novel
De Blob Soundtrack Vinyl Record

After Mario Kart we all were exhausted and decided to organise dinner. We ended up getting a huge Indian feast thanks to Kanishk which was good value and really tasty!
We ate our feast while we watched Black Books and winded down for the evening and everyone started to head off home.

In the end it was an amazingly awesome weekend and we were all exhausted and could have slept for days but we finished it off with a trip to see Scott Pilgrim on Monday night. This was a perfect end for the weekend and I'm really grateful to everyone who came and made it awesome!

Also a huge thank you to THQ Australia for all of their generous and awesome prizes, you made everyone squeal with nerdy glee!

And remember, if you want to come along to any of our events join our google group.

Love Always,
Foo Liz

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