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DtoidAustralia's blog

4:55 AM on 03.08.2012

DtoidAustralia's March Events

Now that I am in Sydney, and with Muzza running things in Brisbane, Iím hoping this will be an awesome year for DtoidAustralia! Our first event may be a bit later than I would have liked, but with the news that Iím expecting ...   read

7:15 AM on 09.30.2011

October Events are here!

Hello again my spotted cuscus lovers! Your nerdy relief is here again with some awesome events for your attendance! For further information and updates on the following events please join our facebook, or follow us on twitt...   read

9:58 PM on 05.01.2011

May Events are here!

Hello again my winter wombats! Your nerdy relief is here again with some awesome events for your attendance! For further information and updates on the following events please join our facebook, or follow us on twitter! Dt...   read

5:15 AM on 01.28.2011

DtoidAustralia: February Events!

Welcome to 2011 my little survivors! This hasnít been the most fantastic start to the year! With bushfires and floods across the country, you have all earned the title of survivor! Donít you just wish you had other nerdy surv...   read

2:44 AM on 12.05.2010

Dtoid Australia's Final Events of 2010

Hello again my Christmas Koalas! OMG! LAST POST OF 2010! This year has been a huge year for DtoidAustralia. Our number of members has tripled in size and with the opening of our local haunt The Mana Bar, we are having regu...   read

12:30 AM on 09.27.2010

Dtoid Australia: October is here!

Hello again my little tubby wombats! October has snuck up on us and with all the awesome new games getting ready to come out, we need to get our NARP on while weíre still willing to leave the house! For further information a...   read

12:31 AM on 08.24.2010

Belated NARP Recap!

Hello again my little Tassie devils! It's finally recap time and there is a lot to tell! Our weekend began on Friday the 13th of August: As planned we met at Mana Bar for our kick off party, little did we know it was Friday...   read

7:18 AM on 08.06.2010

Dtoid Australia: August is NARP Month!

Hello again my little rock wallabies! August is actually Golf Month, but after some thought I decided I really donít care about golf and so (sadly for some) there will be no trip to the greens. Instead itís NARP Month! For f...   read

2:51 AM on 07.05.2010

DtoidAustralia: July is Anti-Boredom month!

Greetings to all my winter wombats! So apparently July is Anti-Boredom Month(seriously!) but with the lack of Independence Day and Canada Day we need to give ourselves some amazingly awesome events to keep us from getting bor...   read

12:00 AM on 06.04.2010

DtoidAustralia: June's winter warm ups!

Hello again my little baby stealing dingoes! June has hit us with her cold hard slap in the face and if youíre like me youíve been knocked out with the flu and winter blues. Well I have the best medicine for such a thing! NA...   read

7:18 AM on 04.08.2010

April in Australia: Destructoid Style

Hello again my little Easter Bilbys, Now that April is here it's time to give you an idea of the different Dtoid events happening in and around our sunburnt country. For further information and updates on the following event...   read

9:35 PM on 03.06.2010

The time has come...

...To get drunk and play games! Yes my little rock wallabies, Mana Bar is finally opening in Brisbane's Fortitude Valley on Saturday the 20th of March and I want to see all of the beautiful people from Destructoid there! ...   read

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