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DtoidAustin's blog

2:30 PM on 09.16.2009

The Pew3vol NARP

Hey guys, I know this is sorta late notice, but you're just gonna have to deal with that. This weekend ProfessorPew and Mid3vol are flying from San Diego down to Austin to hang out with us before Pew leaves back to the Neth...   read

12:55 AM on 08.10.2009

Post-PAX shindiggy in Austin

Hey folks, Dtoid Austin/Texas here. It's been a few months since we talked, but there just hasn't been much to say. Until now. Look Destructoid, I want you back in my life. It's been too hard for me to just ignore you're th...   read

1:36 PM on 06.29.2009

Last Reminder About SGC

Well, this is it folks. The Screwattack Gaming Convention starts on Friday morning, which means the weekend long Dallas NARP starts Friday night. I've already said everything that can be said in older blogs, so I am just he...   read

1:16 PM on 06.19.2009

SGC is in 2 weeks

Yep, 2 weeks from this very day is the first day of Screwattack's Dallas-based gaming convention. Now, if you look at your address bar you will notice that this isn't BUT, we don't get many things to do dow...   read

2:59 PM on 05.29.2009

Random Houston Mini NARP tonight!

In a spontaneous turn of events, it appears we will be having a small NARP in Houston tonight. There is an arcade in East Houston called Joystix, and every First and last Friday they have free play from 9pm to 2am, for just 1...   read

9:30 AM on 05.01.2009

Dallas NARP: SGC Style

Hey kiddo, how are you? Haven't seen you in a while. Yes, I missed you too. I know, it's not your fault you couldn't make it to the 3rd anniversary NARP. It's no biggie. No, really, it's-hey, don't start crying, calm down. ...   read

2:19 PM on 03.11.2009

Final, Final Reminder About Texas 3rd Anniversary NARP

This is it folks. Destructoid's 3rd anniversary of being The Coolest Website In The World™ is on Saturday. But I like you folks, and I want to hang out with you all weekend. That is why the NARP starts on Friday whenever pe...   read

2:46 PM on 03.02.2009

Reminder: 2 Texas NARPs Soon!

Image copyright of Robert Scoble, originally found at, T-shirt by WilloToons. Hey folks, it's March already, and that means it's time to hang out with your fellow Dtoider...   read

12:13 PM on 01.26.2009

Upcoming Texas NARPs

Hey folks, you may remember me as the guy that comes along every once in a while to inform the community about Destructoid related events and parties that happen in Texas. We had a bit of a lull there, but we are going to h...   read

10:49 AM on 10.08.2008

[UPDATE]Dallas NARP: Bacon And Beer And Fairs, Oh My![UPDATE]

Hello ladies and gentlemen, I'm back, and with good reason! Us Texans are preparing to gather up in what might be our most epic NARP ever! Why the most epic? Because I said so goddammit. Firstly, the NARP is going to be not...   read

12:23 PM on 07.10.2008

Texas NARP Two Week (Plus A Day) Reminder

Hey guys, I know you haven't heard from me in a while, but me and some of the Texan DToiders have been busy planning the upcoming Texas NARP. If you live in Texas, or hell, a surrounding state, you need to be there. Where...   read

2:26 PM on 05.13.2008

Texas NARP 2: Details Ahoy!

Hey folks, after tons of discussing, shouting, and virgin sacrificing, we have managed to come up with confirmed details for the second annual TX NARP. It will be held July 25th & 26th, in College Station, TX. Coonskin05's ...   read

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