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DtoidAustin avatar 4:42 PM on 08.16.2010  (server time)
Roll Call: Oh, SNAP! Texas NARP is this weekend!


1. Gathering at Sean's from 8-wheneves on Friday night
2. Trip to the Alamo Drafthouse for food/drink and Scott Pilgrim early Saturday afternoon (will put up details once Alamo's site updates with weekend times)
3. Goldeneye/Mario Kart 64 tourneys at Game Over Videogames with prizes! (6-9pm on Saturday)
4. Tourney afterparty at Sean's from 9:30-wheneves on Saturday night
5. Pancakes, strong coffee, and sorrowful goodbyes at Kerbey Lane Cafe (11am on Sunday)


1. Let me know if you're coming, and if so, for what events. I'm trying to get a final tourney list together (seriously people, sign up for this - mad prizes), and also to plan for supplies for both Friday/Saturday night get-togethers. Mrs. Walkyourpath is gonna get all crunk with some baking and we'll have a spread out for snacking and SOME soda/beers for consumption. You can let me know here, as well as on the google group, or reach me by one of the following methods:

-PM me here on Dtoid
-Shoot me an email ([email protected])
-Follow/DM me on Twitter (@walk_your_path)

2. Make sure you're on the google group (contact me to get added), or that I have your email -- I will send out my address info / directions to all those who have declared they're coming later this week.

3. Get your beautiful asses out here!

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