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PS FNF avatar 10:43 PM on 09.20.2012  (server time)
PS3 Friday Night Fights: I Just Can't Stop Edition

You probably thought this would be about Borderlands 2, didn't you?

So, I'm off the wagon. That's right, I started playing Dark Souls again. As such, I've been glued to the online character builder, playing around to see what I can conceivably make work. I can't really say anything is going to be excellent for PvP because, as anyone who's played Dark Souls knows, PvP is hopelessly broken. Kids using poise-tanking, lighting weapon-wielding, vit-gouged, "baby's first PvP build" setups will always score easy wins, especially with lag on their side. This in mind, I have fun. I try to build effective characters, but with style. I want to be that phantom who shows up looking fly, wrecks enemy shop, and isn't useless in PvP for fending off invaders. In fact, I'm working on a blog of my character plans, but I also just had a crazy project dumped on me at work. It will be a bit before I can finish that. In fact, I'm posting this tonight because I won't have time at all tomorrow. In the meantime, check this baby out.

I guess I can come up with a few comments about Borderlands 2: The story missions are painfully tedious, I don't give a fuck about Handsome Jack, the returning Vault Hunters feel pale, the new ones and NPCs are forgettable, I'm not coming across enough weapon chests to keep loot interesting, they somehow made driving worse, and areas feel congested even outdoors, and the story presentation they ripped off from Bioshock with the echo recorders sucks because they respawn infinitely so either I ignore them and miss story or pick them up and hear the same thing for the fourth time.

I just shut it off in the middle of a boss fight with a combination of boredom and annoyance.

Welcome to the PS3 side of Destructoid's Friday Night Fights! Every Friday, members of the Destructoid community get together online to play games. FNF is an event run by and for the community, so everyone is welcome to join. Down below, you'll find a list of games that we'll play tonight along with the times they'll start, the people that you should hit up for invites, and any other information that might be required.

If you want to play, we need to know who you are. Leave a comment with the games from the schedule you want to play and your PSN ID. You should also send a PSN friend request to the hosts, including a message to say who you are here on Destructoid so they know you're one of the cool people and not just some random friend request.

If your favorite game isn't on the schedule, don't just sit there and whine about it. Anyone can host a game for FNF! You just need to give us the game, start time, and your PSN name so we can put it on the schedule. Last minute additions in the comments here are fine, but games can also be added earlier in the week by visiting the forums and finding the thread with the coming Friday's date. Adding a game there ensures it's on the blog from the moment it goes up.

All times Eastern.

Battlefield 3 with KimikoLoco
Time: 8pm
PSN: KimikoLoco

Borderlands 2 with CornflakeJustice
Time: 9pm
PSN: cornflakejustice

Borderlands 2 with PhilK3nS3bb3n
Time: 1am
PSN: MickGuerrera
Got two open slots, going fresh (new characters), rocking Salvi on this one. Think the other guy is using Axton.

p.s. Who in the name of Satan's fiery dick hole thought that there should be different buttons for getting in and out of vehicles? It's square to get in and circle to get out and that's retarded.

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