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Welcome to Destructoid's PC Friday Night Fights!

Friday Night Fight's is a weekly event run by the Destructoid community. Every Friday we meet up to play games and have a good time. We start planning on the forums at the beginning of the week, followed by a post here and on the Friday Night Fights post on the front page every Friday. Want to join in? FNF is open to all who like to have fun!


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If you've been seeing my Twitter feed lately, you'll realize that I can't shut the hell up about Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. I've been playing the beta for months, and we're a little over a week away from the head start period for pre-orders. If you haven't had a chance to try it yet, I have good news: The game is going into open beta this weekend! If you were in the closed beta, you can start playing as early as today, and if you're not, you can start playing starting on Saturday through Monday at 2am PDT. Some good news about this open beta is that if you decide to get the retail version, your character from this weekend's open beta will carry over, which is pretty nice, compared to how betas usually remove all your data afterward. Unfortunately I don't have any direct links to a download or anything, but I'd recommend keeping your eye on the official website where they'll most likely post a link to download the client. I haven't been this excited for an MMO since Final Fantasy XI came out. I can't freaking wait for this game!

That said, I was hoping to host a levelling group or something for the open beta tonight, but since it's not going to be open until Saturday, I didn't want to host something if not everyone would be able to join. If you join in this weekend, I'm thinking of playing on Behemoth (this might change), and my character's name will be Swishiee Swisherton. Hit me up!

Well, enough of my fantasy. Let's fight!

New to Friday Night Fights? It's easy to get involved!


Every Friday the Dtoid community gets together to play games online! Friday Night Fights is run completely by the Destructoid community, so feel free to join in someone's game, or host a game yourself!

The planning for FNF starts here in the forums, where community members volunteer to host matches and post their pertinent details (game, time, Steam ID, etc.). Then, every Friday, remininder posts go up in the cblogs followed by a recap post in the front page for last-minute planning.

If you'd like to join a game, just contact the host of the game! If you'd like to host a game, post your details in the following format:

Game Name
Host: Dtoid username
Steam ID: Steam contact info (If you'd prefer to use something other than Steam for people to contact you, please specify here.)
Time: Time (Eastern Please!)Server: (If any)
Password: (If any)
Note: Any other applicable info about the game.

See you online!
This week's schedule:

Payday 2

Time: 1pm PST | 4pm EST
Host: WraithA1 (Steam: Wraith)

Team Fortress 2 (Early Game)

Time: 5pm PST | 8pm EST

Tribes Ascend

Time: 9pm PST | 12am EST
Server: Destructoid (NA East)

Team Fortress 2 (Late Game)

Time: 9pm PST | 12am EST

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