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While playing Halo 4 the other day, I noticed a star next to next to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace tab on the main menu. Figuring it was trying to tell me to buy the new Crimson Map Pack released, I clicked onto it to get rid of the notification. Upon clicking the tab however, I was greeted with a free download for the Crimson Map Pack. I had no idea why I was able to get the map pack for free. I hit download, thinking it was a glitch that would stop me from downloading at the last second. However, it finished the download and I have full access to the brand new map pack. How is this possible?

Well, I did a bit of digging and found some pretty great information. Apparently, there was an error when the DLC was released on day one where anyone could download it for free. Quite a few people nabbed the map pack while it was free but of course Microsoft caught wind of it and quickly stopped it. Upon their reaction, there was a large outrage over this to the people that couldn't grab the map pack for free. So, to make things up, 343 bent the rules slightly for the better.

If you qualify for the "14 Day. Buy and Play " program (Which was just for playing before November 20th.), you will be able to grab this map pack for free. All you have to do is load up Halo 4, go down to Xbox LIVE Marketplace and the offer should be the first thing that pops up. I have no idea why this hasn't been reported as wide spread as it should be but there you go. Make sure you download it today because the offer expires tomorrow! So if you qualify, boot up Halo 4 tonight and grab your free map pack. Just thought I would give you all a heads up before it disappears.

Make sure to spread the word, more free maps means more fun for future Friday Night Fun matches. See you on the virtual battlefield!

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