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XBOX FNF avatar 11:11 AM on 12.14.2012  (server time)
360 Friday Night Fights: Fighting For The Forgotten

A lot of great games released this year. From the AAA titles like Far Cry 3 and the addictive multiplayer titles such as Halo 4. Hell, even the little guys got a lot of attention like Telltale Game's the Walking Dead and Journey! With a year so clustered with so many great titles, it's hard to chose the best of the best. Picking one game over another has never been to easy of a choice for me. With the gaming season starting at the beginning of the year, it's hard to remember what came out almost twelve months back.

Sadly, games that get released early in the year get easily overlooked by the end of the year. While everyone is talking about what has come out over the past couple of months, some great gems get overlooked. My favorite game this year, The Darkness II, was released in February this year. It was sadly left in the dust, even with it's brutal combat, great controls and great story. The game definitely deserved some awards around the end of the year. I however can't think of one award that was given to the bloody fun massacre.

There were other great titles that released this year that barely got any recognition. The couple that come to mind are SSX and [i]Kid Icarus[/i[. I was trying to think of a way that developers can keep a game in people's minds around the end of the year but... I can't think of a good way. Sure, they can re-run some commercials but can they afford it when the game drops to thirty bucks? I dunno, I just wish that some games got the recognition they deserve when everything is on the table.

New to Friday Night Fights? It's easy to get involved!

Each week, a bunch of us Dtoiders get together to play videogames online! It's a 100% community-run event, so feel free to join in or even host something yourself!

The planning for FNF starts in the forums, where community members volunteer to host matches and post their pertinent details (game, time, Gamertag, etc.). Then, every Friday, reminder posts go up here in the cblogs followed by a recap post on the front page on the front page for last-minute planning.

To join in, simply send a friend request to the match host! (Don't forget to say you're from Dtoid!) If you'd rather host something yourself, just post your details below in the following format:

Game: Game Name
Host: Dtoid Username
Gamertag: Xbox Live Gamertag
Time: Time (Eastern please!)

We hope to see you online!

Here's this week's schedule...

Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3

Host: GarethxxGod
Gamertag: GarethxxGod
Time: 5 PST | 8 EST

Super Street Fighter IV (Arcade Edition Optional)

Host: SuperMonk4Ever
Gamertag: SuperMonk4Ever
Time: 7 PST | 10 EST

Battlefield 3 (Aftermath Maps)
Host: Scield
Gamertag: Scield
Time: 7:30 PST | 10:30 EST (Maybe a little later, depends when I get off of work.)

Gears of War 3

Host: Epic KxDtoid
Gamertag: Epic KxLive
Time: 11 PST | 2 AM EST


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