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Dtoid Saturday Afternoon Delight's blog

12:44 PM on 08.18.2012

Saturday Afternoon Delight: G3 Charity Edition

Good day, good people. It's the weekend, and that means whatever you want it to mean. Over here, it means there are videogames to be played and drinks to be drunk. Today in particular, it also means that G3 is happening. If...   read

1:20 PM on 08.11.2012

Saturday Afternoon Delight: What Problem? Edition

What? No, I don't think it's too early to be drunk. Now get away from my wine before I chop that hand off. some people... *sips*Oh, right; you people. What are you looking at? You know where you are: This is the place where...   read

2:22 PM on 08.04.2012

Saturday Afternoon Delight: Drinking + No Gaming Edition

SAND is like Friday Night Fights, with a couple of pointed differences: 1) Things are not restricted to "the evening." 2) We actively encourage older games/games not in the FNF rotation. (We encourage, but really, what's fun...   read

1:26 PM on 07.28.2012

Saturday Afternoon Delight: Ceremony Edition

Did you watch the opening ceremonies of the olympics? This is kind of like that, except we don't have anything to do with the olympics and we don't have ceremonies and we exclusively play videogames which aren't in the olymp...   read

5:22 PM on 07.21.2012

Saturday Afternoon Delight

After taking last week off, SAND is back! (If not a little late} This evening is seemingly sparse, but if you want to host something, please do tell. I'll be sure to update the blog as necessary. No time to chatter, there's ...   read

1:02 PM on 07.07.2012

Saturday Afternoon Delight: Round 2 Edition

Well, well. I'm glad to say we're back after a very successful first week! We had very short notice, but ended with 4/5 different games played! Good show, good show. Looks like Saturday is indeed alright for fighting. This ...   read

2:10 PM on 06.30.2012

Destructoid Saturday Afternoon Delight

See what I did there? Like Friday Night Fights! Super clever, probably. Cleverity aside, it is what it sounds like. I love FNF, I do, but it's just not the best time to get together for videogamin'. With that in mind, and gar...   read

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