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DryvBy avatar 3:42 PM on 09.09.2008  (server time)
Did I Miss a Stupid Gaming Fad?

I noticed the reviews everywhere for Spore are, to say the least, awful. I picked up the game and figured there was some lame-as-crack DRM on there (low and behold, the first and only game I will ever buy with these measures as I can just 'borrow' the game without spending $50 until they patch this crap out). So, what do I read in the reviews? 'This game blows' and 'horrible graphx' and 'what happened?'. I read about Spore before it came out. Is it everything I thought it would be? Yeah, so far, and I haven't even hit the good stuff yet. It's not a perfect game, and yes, sometimes the graphics are a bit outdated, but I don't play video games to show off one developers ubber programming skills over the other. I don't care if all my games are colorful, cartoony, or whatnot. I only care if the game is fun, most of all. Spore is fun. It has some boring moments, but it doesn't seem any different than waiting your turn in a nice week long game of Civilization.

What's the fad? Complaining about anything popular. I complain about things, sure. Like Halo 3. I just don't get it, but I don't complain because I thought it was going to be something else, or because the graphics aren't super HD. I just don't see why that game is revolutionary in any way. It's fun, but it's a typical shooter in all honesty. I play it, but not as much as some. However, I never looked at it and said "This game is popular, therefore I hate". I can see, in a sense when things are popular, they end up being dumb. Would you like to hear another "there is no cake" joke? I certainly don't, but I appreciate the comedy in Portal, and I still recommend that game to people. I never hated the game; I hated the people on the internet trying to pull a Carlos Mencia and copy something funny to be funny. It just doesn't work!

But the complaining... it's everywhere anything is popular or hyped. Spore was a big release this year, so people automatically say it sucks. I guarantee if took the reviews and lined them up with the people that owned the game, the complaining majority would have never even played it, just watched some YouTube videos. That's what's overall annoying. I remember just a few months ago when I saw Dark Knight, I was talking with some friends and that one guy you don't really like anyway said, "It was alright... Not as good as X.". Well, nothing in the world is more amazing than Rushmore (my favorite flick) but that doesn't make things crap in comparison! But it's like it's a disease in our human flesh to want to be different. There's always that guy that says "Na!" when everybody else is saying "Yay!". Anyway, if you haven't tried Spore, and you want a game that seems like it has more lasting flavor than Double Mint gum, check it out. Be warned: there is DRM, but much like the past games that had the install limit, it will be patched.

-dryvby, destroying the universe with Nibblonians

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