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DryvBy avatar 2:19 PM on 07.18.2008  (server time)
Dear Sony...Please Get Your Head Out of Your Butt


I'm not sure if you're aware of why Super Stardust HD had so many people buying it after Trophies were released for it, but let me tell you why: Trophies. Given that Achievements are the primary reason people would buy a game on the 360 (that and your PS3 cost too freakin' much for average folk) over the same game on the PS3, so instead of pushing for things unrelated to games, like a virtual movie store (which is very nice), please focus on what's going to make your system and games sale, and despite a few here-and-there people, Trophies are going to push those numbers. I'd really push developers that have already produced games to check out those Super Stardust HD sales statistics, so please, show them how well it did after you released some Trophies for the game. Granted, not every developer is going to work on the patches for it, but still, if you could get at least 50% of the current games to put some of those lovely treasures in a future patch, I bet you'll see a drastic increase in purchased PS3 games, even older ones.

Your pal,

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