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I've been very disappointed recently. All the PlayStation 3 games I've bought are promised the big Trophy support until a week or day before release. Even talking with the developers on Sony's blog is frustrating. I really enjoy the Trophy system. It's not 100% there yet, but with patience comes greatness. Look at the Xbox. It went from the underdog in the last generation to being the best of cl[a]ss in this run. I love the achievement system, and as I've stated, I think Sony just took something like achievements to the next level. Having a profile that levels up is just fun, especially since I'm an RPG fanatic. If every game had a level up system, I'd buy them.

So when I am talking to developers on the PlayStation blog and I (as well as others) ask them over and over "Trophies?" and they say either yes or 'future patch', I expect there to be some Trophy support! Capcom is the world's worst so far. They tricked me twice already. Once was with 1942 and with Bionic Commando. I didn't fall for it with Mega Man 9. I think it's the fact that I have seen no progress for a patch for these games. I highly doubt it's hard to impliment a patch, especially since the concept (achievements) is already in your code for the other guys! Really, if I'd known that Capcom was going to just lie about these things, I'd have rather bought these games on the Xbox 360 and been done with it. It's not that I didn't enjoy the two Capcom games I bought on the PSN store; it's the fact that I have a 360 and could have easily bought it on that system and had my 'fix' with the game.

I bought Saint's Row with word from their devs that the trophies would be at launch. Cool, until I found out the day before some admins on their forums said "Oh, we're not doing that...". C'mon! That's old school bait and switch. I don't have all the time in the world to check gaming sites all day and see if you're word is good. I expect if you announce something, make it happen! Same with the new Brother's in Arms game. I bought the game on the PS3 over the 360 because I have a good enough 360 score and I wanted to bring my trophy score up. Oh, that's right! No support again! This is where Sony needs to wake up and stop trying to figure out ways to beat the 360 in every way, and start saying "These trophies, if we make them popular enough, will be more popular than achievements!". Sony just needs to make them push these patches out. Mandatory trophies for games. For the 360-only fans out there, beating out the competition only means Microsoft will think of a way to make their achievement system even better. It's a win for gamers, not the companies.

There's the internet group that hates achievements and trophies. They don't understand the big deal. Sure, I love games and I can certainly play games without the trophies or achievement system, but all-in-all the achievements and trophies are equal to an NFL star receiving a Super Bowl Ring for winning the big game. It doesn't mean the game they played wasn't fun, it just means that they have something to show for their hard work, even if it's for them. Some things are for you. I hardly have any PS3 fans, but I like seeing my own profile hit that next level. Unfortunately, there's hardly any games letting me level up right now, and that sucks.

On the bright-side, tomorrow Far Cry 2 will give me some new trophies. Then next week, I can sink my teeth into LittleBigPlanet (unless someone has that anti-Muslim edition that I'd rather have). But whatever, Fallout 3 next week and boy oh boy. I'm waiting to see which system will provide the better quality of the game. I'd buy it on my PC but my wife wanted to play through the game with me because she thinks it's like BioShock. I just can't wait to take my Pip-boy Thermos lunch kit to work. I'll be so beat up in no time!

-dryvby, level 4 and 3/4ths.

2:14 PM on 10.01.2008

I'm not sure how true this is, but so far this site I visit (the sister of the Xbox 360 Achievement Guides) claims to have news of GTA 4. Hmm, about time? I'd say so.

I've seen tons of games hitting the Trophies list so apparently me investing money and time into Stardust HD worked, since I know sales sky rocketed when Trophies were finally released. I don't even mind replaying GTA 4 again. If only Solid Snake could get his butt a trophy, I'd be set.

Other games 'rumored' to be getting Trophies soon are Dead Space, Eye of Judgement, Quantom Solace, and some others like Blitz II.


I noticed the reviews everywhere for Spore are, to say the least, awful. I picked up the game and figured there was some lame-as-crack DRM on there (low and behold, the first and only game I will ever buy with these measures as I can just 'borrow' the game without spending $50 until they patch this crap out). So, what do I read in the reviews? 'This game blows' and 'horrible graphx' and 'what happened?'. I read about Spore before it came out. Is it everything I thought it would be? Yeah, so far, and I haven't even hit the good stuff yet. It's not a perfect game, and yes, sometimes the graphics are a bit outdated, but I don't play video games to show off one developers ubber programming skills over the other. I don't care if all my games are colorful, cartoony, or whatnot. I only care if the game is fun, most of all. Spore is fun. It has some boring moments, but it doesn't seem any different than waiting your turn in a nice week long game of Civilization.

What's the fad? Complaining about anything popular. I complain about things, sure. Like Halo 3. I just don't get it, but I don't complain because I thought it was going to be something else, or because the graphics aren't super HD. I just don't see why that game is revolutionary in any way. It's fun, but it's a typical shooter in all honesty. I play it, but not as much as some. However, I never looked at it and said "This game is popular, therefore I hate". I can see, in a sense when things are popular, they end up being dumb. Would you like to hear another "there is no cake" joke? I certainly don't, but I appreciate the comedy in Portal, and I still recommend that game to people. I never hated the game; I hated the people on the internet trying to pull a Carlos Mencia and copy something funny to be funny. It just doesn't work!

But the complaining... it's everywhere anything is popular or hyped. Spore was a big release this year, so people automatically say it sucks. I guarantee if took the reviews and lined them up with the people that owned the game, the complaining majority would have never even played it, just watched some YouTube videos. That's what's overall annoying. I remember just a few months ago when I saw Dark Knight, I was talking with some friends and that one guy you don't really like anyway said, "It was alright... Not as good as X.". Well, nothing in the world is more amazing than Rushmore (my favorite flick) but that doesn't make things crap in comparison! But it's like it's a disease in our human flesh to want to be different. There's always that guy that says "Na!" when everybody else is saying "Yay!". Anyway, if you haven't tried Spore, and you want a game that seems like it has more lasting flavor than Double Mint gum, check it out. Be warned: there is DRM, but much like the past games that had the install limit, it will be patched.

-dryvby, destroying the universe with Nibblonians

Excuse the nerd title, but I was thinking over a period of time over which version I'm getting of Mercenaries 2. The 360 version? The PC version? Or the PS3 version? Well, since only one supports the crack patch, and I'm of course referring to Achievements, I'm probably going to get this game on the 360. I don't understand Sony. They come out with a clever idea of how to rip achievements but do it better than the original (competition is what makes stuff better), then after how many months, there's 4 or 5 games that support it. Being a statistic junkie, I like having my Xbox Live/Windows Live achievement score well above most foes. I would be a lot higher if I was a completest, but I'm too lazy and bored with games to get 1000AP per game. Still, I wish developers would just release them for even crappy games just to watch the sales jump. Old Madden games even. From many reports, the patching process is really easy, especially with medals or in-game achievements already in play. Heck, just spend a week patching the game to have a bronze trophy just for beating the game. That's all I ask.

Proven fact: trophies sell games. Proof? The Uncharted sales after the game's release. Heck, I drove in my Guinness Draft jammies to the la trashville Wal-Mart and picked it up the same hour I hear the patch was released. I'll admit if if no one else can: I'm a sucker for unlockables, whatever the flavor! You know how many times I erased my Dreamcast memory card to re-unlock all the characters, stages, and colors for Marvel Vs. Capcom 2? At least a few dozen. So I think, honestly, it would be wise for Sony to push the market to release patches for their older games. It would boost their sales drastically. When I log on to the PlayStation blog, when any game is released, most of the common themes are "I'm not buying until trophies are released".

But why are they so great? Why do we care? I read a lot of people saying, "Achievements/Trophies are dumb. They just make them to sell games to suckers.". True. Very, very true. However, there's a flaw in that logic. Really, I get a lot of games that I have no idea what I've done in the game, and it's frustrating. I'm like a ton of people and never finish games unless they're glue-you-to-the-seat. But I usually go back and finish them later. I like to see what stuff I've already done in the game. It helps me remember crap. I also have brain damage. Achievements and trophies are more than just showboats for your online loser friends. They're fun because they're unlockable goodies. It's hard for me to play a game without achievements just because I love unlocking crap more than I do playing some games. They're also good because it's like a collection of things you've done in games. Plus, even on some websites, you are ranked according to achievements. So with the last subject, achievements/trophies are no different than a high score board, or a leaderboard. I compare some achievements/trophies with my real friends. It's always fun to just compare what you've done with what they've done. It's almost like comparing trading cards with an old buddy and being mad jealous over his John Elway rookie cards.

Other than that, some achievements are so freakin' impossible in theory that when someone gets them, you really are like "Wow, nice job.". I like achievements a lot and it's a huge deciding factor as to what console is going to get my money for that point. I have every console I can think of that's important. But when I'm spending $60 a game, my money is going to the game that has that one extra feature: that achievement or trophy. I prefer the Trophy system more, and I'll explain why. PlayStation Home sporting my trophies in my house is a really cool (very nerdy) idea. Everyone is kind of curious to see how Home is really going to play out. Is it going to work? Will it just be another empty promise? Since the PlayStation copied the achievement idea (in theory), I wish Microsoft would actually embrace a Home idea that sported a sort of "trophy" room.

As for Nintendo, I wish they'd read this. I can't even justify buying a game on your console unless it's a Nintendo mascot exclusive or something I liked when I was 12 or a teen, such as Harvest Moon. You need to get your act together. Your gimmick magic wand just doesn't cut it. I don't even know if my Wii works anymore. Horrible online support, worst friends list support, no freakin' achievement/trophy sysytem, and Gamecube graphics on my 42" just doesn't cut it. Get back in the park! The only reason you guys are up there is because old people think casual games make them gamers. And because Playboy and such made WiiFit sound fun (but it's not).

-dryvby, achievement unlocked!

12:37 PM on 08.26.2008

I'm 24 in one more day, however, I got most of my gifts early. Screw the celebrations, let's examine what I got!

-Sony PSP Special God of War Edition: I've been wanting one for a while, and now I got. I still wish I could find my DS but whateva. It does what it wants.

-Mortal Kombat Unchained and Final Fantasy II 20th Anniversary Edition for PSP: I just picked them up today. I already had an action game, so I wanted a fighting and jrpg game to go with it.

-4GB Memory Stick for the PSP: Still not here. In the mail, from Amazon.

-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Vol. 1 & 2 on DVD: Yes, I love 80s/90s cartoons. If you think this is childish, check out the next one.

-Garfield & Friends: Vol. 5 on DVD: Lol, clas[s]ic 90s toons from my childhood. Too bad we can't go back to those times, when $5 got you 5 gallons of gas. At least in Texas.

-The Adventures of the Super Mario Bros. on DVD: The entire Super Mario Bros. 3 cartoons series. I've been dying for these!

-The Three Stooges: Vol. 1 & 2 on DVD: Hey, Moe! *SLAP!* Quiet you! I love short films from the 30s. After I finish these, and get Vol. 3, I'll be looking for some Twilight Zones, Alfred Hitchcock, Laurel & Hardy, and Jerry Mathers as The Beave.

-Married with Children: Season 9 on DVD: I own all other 8 seasons, why not this? One of my favorite 90s sitcoms.

-The Nightmare Before Christmas on Blu-Ray: Finally! I still wish it came in the $119 special DVD casing with Jack's head, but whatever.

...more later. I have to wait and see what else shows up in the mail.

-dryvby, worthless blogging materials (hey, it's a slow week)

I'm making this short. The internet is going communist. Here's the best line I've ever seen in these news stories.

"This isn't really an issue that's just going to be about Frontier," said Philip Dampier, a Rochester-based technology writer who is campaigning to get Frontier to back off its plans. "Virtually every broadband provider has been suddenly discovering that there's this so-called `bandwidth crisis' going on in the United States."

So, what's this mean? Well, if I want to download Siren for the PS3 and some map packs, guess what, I have to pay Mr. Greedy "Let's Kill 80% of the World" Ted Turner and his Time Warner BS company extra to download over my limit. Eff you. I'll steal cable, jerkwads.

-dryvby, my source