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Drunken Haze avatar 6:03 AM on 04.03.2008  (server time)
I love Sniping and Camping

I've always been bad at sniping in other games, halo in particular. Something about having sniper rifles which have barely a better range than the other guns and leave a smoke trail telling people exactly where you are combined with a bright red suit in a world where natural foliage seems few and far between. I hated doing it so much that I just couldn't learn enough to get better at it.

Then COD4 came and suddenly I had camouflage and I had a sniper that could kill people in one shot (I love my 50 cal. with stopping power) and I wasn't dressed in bright lumonous camo.


But then came the insults. I was a camper, I was a sniper and these things made me a noob. Killing lots of people and dieing not very much is what noobs do. The only thing that isn't being a noob is running around like a idiot with a sub-machine gun in a place overlooked by atleast 5 good sniping spots.

Yes, I left claymores to cover my flank and you ran into it again and again. That makes ME the stupid faggot. Yes, I stayed in the same place and kept sniping you again and again as you ran around a corner, despite the fact that the game tells you exactly where I was and how I killed you every time you die. That makes me the gay noob, as aparntly does:

Killing a person over and over again with the pistol. Seriously apparently people should learn to use their primary weapon.

Using the M16 assault rifle because killing people over and over again with the first unlocked gun is stupid.

Using the grenade launcher because sacrificing a perk slot and the ability to fire my gun makes me overpowered and using overpowered weapons is stupid, people need to use weak weapons which don't kill as much.

People need to stop complaining about how bad the guns that killed them are. Camping is a legitimate strategy.

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