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Drunkcast's blog

11:15 AM on 11.23.2009

Drunkcast Episode 16: Booty Got Swag

Bueno! Noches, Drunkcast esta la Knives! Es muy guapo. Como bien! Tambien, show notes. Gracias! 0:59 - Welcome Kniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiives! 2:29 - Conor the scorekeeper 3:31 - What everyone's up to 14:57 - What we're drinking ...   read

2:45 PM on 11.20.2009

Drunkcast Episode 16 records tomorrow!

Go to sleep Knives! I'm gonna be real with y'all, I'm really running out of ways to say "Hey guys, how ya doin, we're recording Drunkcast again, we need your questions and our guest is_____." I mean shit, on top of recordin...   read

2:12 PM on 11.16.2009

Drunkcast Episode 15: Chillaxin

So, if you've looked at a calendar today, you might have noticed that today is Monday. And you know what that means don't you? Another episode of Drunkcast! You might be saying to yourself, saying to me, "But Coon, last wee...   read

11:47 AM on 11.14.2009

Drunkcast Episode 15 records tonight!

Hey folks, this is Drunkcast, today is Saturday, so that means we are recording another one of our world famous episodes tonight. Tonight's guest is Rickey Story, sometimes known as StoryR, He will join us to get smash-hamm...   read

2:21 PM on 11.11.2009

Drunkcast Episode 14: Punch A Pundit

Hello folks, how have you been? Drunkcast is back, with our first true episode in our new time slot. Our very special guest was WalkYourPath, and he imparted on us his wisdom about cblogging, videogames, and skin care. We t...   read

12:29 PM on 11.06.2009

Drunkcast Episode 14 records tomorrow!

Hey guys and gals, how ya doin? Well, I know I said that Drunkcast was going to start recording on Fridays, but I lied. I'm a liar. It's what I do. Instead, we are going to start recording on Saturdays! And I know some of y...   read

2:37 PM on 11.02.2009

Drunkcast Episode 13.5: Drunkcast Is Dead, Long Live Drunkcast

Hey guys, how's it going? If you haven't noticed by now, this is not a questions post. No, this is an episode release post. Yes, as crazy as it sounds, Drunkcast got together and held a summit almost as important as G8, to ...   read

2:03 PM on 10.28.2009

Drunkcast Episode 13: Animal Noises

Hey guys, how ya been? We’re back after our week off, with a new episode of Drunkcast just for you. And you. And you. But not you. Just kidding, especially for you. Amazingly we managed to break the streak of BelligerenceCa...   read

2:09 PM on 10.26.2009

Drunkcast Episode 13 records tonight!

Hey kiddos, how have ya been? We know we weren't around last week, but that's all going to change now. We promise to be in your lives more often, we're going to be one big happy family from here on out. And guess who's he...   read

10:59 AM on 10.15.2009

Drunkcast Episode 12: Brought To You By JOOSE!

Hey guys, how's it goin? Well, here's the newest Drunkcast. It's, um...yeah. We definitely put the drunk in Drunkcast this episode. Gandysampras was nice enough to join us from over the pound and 6 time zones, just so we c...   read

11:34 AM on 10.12.2009

Drunkcast Episode 12 records tonight!

Hey all you hoes and tricks, what's goin on? We've made it through another week of bullshit so we can do our favorite thing in the world tonight. Drunkcast! Our special guest tonight is the second best looking Briton on Des...   read

12:21 PM on 10.07.2009

Drunkcast Episode 11: Bear AIDs

Hey ladies and gentlemen, how’s it going? We are coming atcha with a 36 hour turn around, which we hope to maintain from here on out, as we know you guys like it better when Drunkcast is consistent. This podcast is pretty h...   read

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