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11:15 AM on 11.23.2009

Drunkcast Episode 16: Booty Got Swag

Bueno! Noches, Drunkcast esta la Knives! Es muy guapo. Como bien! Tambien, show notes. Gracias!

0:59 - Welcome Kniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiives!
2:29 - Conor the scorekeeper
3:31 - What everyone's up to
14:57 - What we're drinking
18:56 - Yakety Sax
21:14 - Conor discovers Torchlight
25:56 - Gyromancer is like crack
30:46 - No More Heroes is coming to systems that people own
34:04 - Social networking sites on the Xbox 360
41:34 - Lightning Round
1:04:45 - Toasts

Music Credits:

Intro: Alley Life - Out With the Old
Break 1: Red Hot Chili Peppers - Love Rollercoaster
Break 2: Monster Magnet - Monolithic
Break 3: Metallica - Anethesia (Pulling Teeth)
Outro: Souljah Boy - Booty Got Swag


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2:45 PM on 11.20.2009

Drunkcast Episode 16 records tomorrow!

Go to sleep Knives!

I'm gonna be real with y'all, I'm really running out of ways to say "Hey guys, how ya doin, we're recording Drunkcast again, we need your questions and our guest is_____." I mean shit, on top of recording the world's best podcast, I have to find new ways to paraphrase myself every week? That is fucking lame if you ask me. But it must be done. Drunkcast might not be the community podcast Destructoid deserves, but it is the one it needs.

Hey guys, how's it going! Tomorrow is Saturday, which means we are recording Drunkcast tomorrow. We know some of you people step away from the internet on the weekends, so we are posting the pre-show post now so you can be sure to get your questions in. Our very special community guest this week is the ever-so-lovable Kniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiives! Everyone's favorite Mexican is joining us to talk about mexcal, crossing the border, and how shit American "Mexican food" is. Now is your chance to delve inside the mind of a real life Mexican, so ask your best questions!   read

2:12 PM on 11.16.2009

Drunkcast Episode 15: Chillaxin

So, if you've looked at a calendar today, you might have noticed that today is Monday. And you know what that means don't you? Another episode of Drunkcast! You might be saying to yourself, saying to me, "But Coon, last week's Drunkcast was released on Wednesday." And to you, if I could read your thoughts, I would say, "I am aware of that! But that episode was late. And this episode is on time!" Our guest this weekend was StoryR, and he joined us to talk about ethics, PC gaming, and general racism. So stream it, download it iTunes it, whatever, just get to it!

0:47 - Welcome Storyr!
2:39 - What we've been playing
10:28 - What we've been drinking
14:48 - Mandatory Modern Warfare 2 conversation
21:37 - Upcoming releases
33:09 - Ubisoft demands high scores for Assassin's Creed 2, we discuss ethics in gaming reviews
43:04 - Modern Warfare 2 PC boycotters are cyber warriors
51:01 - No Lightning Round, Coon summarizes what you would have heard in it
52:35 - Toasts!

Music Credits:

Intro: Select Start - Zelda
Break 1: Lamb of God - Contractor
Break 2: MC Frontalot - Tongue-Clucking Grammarian
Break 3: Digital Underground - The Humpty Dance
Outro: The Highwaymen - Highwayman


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11:47 AM on 11.14.2009

Drunkcast Episode 15 records tonight!

Hey folks, this is Drunkcast, today is Saturday, so that means we are recording another one of our world famous episodes tonight. Tonight's guest is Rickey Story, sometimes known as StoryR, He will join us to get smash-hammered and talk about vidja gaymes and probably embarrass ourselves. Just whatever happens. So if you would be so kind, leave questions for us and Mr. Story to answer in our patented Lightning Round!   read

2:21 PM on 11.11.2009

Drunkcast Episode 14: Punch A Pundit

Hello folks, how have you been? Drunkcast is back, with our first true episode in our new time slot. Our very special guest was WalkYourPath, and he imparted on us his wisdom about cblogging, videogames, and skin care. We talked about new releases pretty much the entire episode, so if you like videogames, this episode is for you! As always, if you want to be quasi-internet famous by being a Drunkcast guest, email us at [email protected], and we will deem if you are worthy enough. Also, show notes.

1:12 Welcome WalkYourPath!
5:00 Who is WalkYourPath?
6:23 What we've been playing
6:37 Games such as Dragon Age
10:12 And Borderlands
12:45 And Final Fantasy 7
18:49 And Torchlight
25:00 Our feelings on Assassin's Creed 2
30:12 Is Modern Warfare 2 deserving of the hype?
34:19 Back to Assassin's Creed 2!
38:31 Diablo 3
42:09 Back to Modern Warfare 2!
43:06 If you haven't seen the Eminem MW2 trailer, you might want to skip ahead to 43:55
46:57 Coon rages against everyone about New Super Mario Bros. Wii
54:36 Lightning Round!
1:05:49 Toasts!

Intro: Radiohead - Planet Telex
Break 1: Masters of Reality - Off to Tiki Ti
Break 2: Dethklok - Bloodlines
Break 3: The Flaming Lips - Aquarius Sabotage
Outro: Alligator Dave - Texas Women


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12:29 PM on 11.06.2009

Drunkcast Episode 14 records tomorrow!

Hey guys and gals, how ya doin? Well, I know I said that Drunkcast was going to start recording on Fridays, but I lied. I'm a liar. It's what I do. Instead, we are going to start recording on Saturdays! And I know some of you take a hiatus from the internet on the weekends, so the questions posts are going to go up on Friday, so everyone has the opportunity to ask their deepest, most perplexing questions. This episode's guest will be none other than Austinite and world's best cblogger, WalkYourPath! WYP will join us to talk about beer, videogames, and the meaning of life. So please, ask us questions so the Lightning Round can grow up to be big and strong.   read

2:37 PM on 11.02.2009

Drunkcast Episode 13.5: Drunkcast Is Dead, Long Live Drunkcast

Hey guys, how's it going? If you haven't noticed by now, this is not a questions post. No, this is an episode release post. Yes, as crazy as it sounds, Drunkcast got together and held a summit almost as important as G8, to talk about the show, where the show is going, and more zany shit like that. You'll hear us discuss it more in depth in the podcast, but basically, we're switching our recording time to Friday night, and compressing the show into a more bite-sized, less than an hour podcast. Don't worry though, we're only cutting the fat, this way you'll have a more concentrated focus of awesome, instead of awesome mixed with awkwardness, passive-aggression, and shouting matches. So, take a listen, let us know what you think, and look forward to us recording our first real episode in this format on Friday!

0:55 - Yeah, that's going to get edited
2:16 - No, I don't think so
2:43 - What have we been drinking
3:25 - What's going on with Drunkcast
11:12 - L4D2 demo
15:35 - Borderlands discussion
24:40 - We talk about the controversial Modern Warfare 2 airport level (this is the majority of the podcast)
35:58 - Toasts!
39:24 - We really need your listener feedback!

Intro: Andrew WK - Long Live the Party
Break 1: Murmaider II- The Water God
Break 2: The Dust Brothers - Finding the Bomb
Outro: Colin Hay - Overkill


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2:03 PM on 10.28.2009

Drunkcast Episode 13: Animal Noises

Hey guys, how ya been? We’re back after our week off, with a new episode of Drunkcast just for you. And you. And you. But not you. Just kidding, especially for you. Amazingly we managed to break the streak of BelligerenceCast we’ve had the last 5 episodes or so, and it actually worked out well. Turns out is possible to drink in moderation, how about that? Our guest this episode was Professor Pew, bringing the foreign hotness. If you want to be on a future episode of Drunkcast, email us at [email protected] and we will consider your plea. Hope you guys enjoy our return, and as always, we leave you with show notes.

1:17 - CountingConflict is already having technical problems
3:10 - There's a new malt beverage in town!
8:10 - That's our Conor!
10:20 - Holy shit, Pew is afraid to NOT pirate something
14:56 - Van Halen talk
20:40 - Modern Warfare 2 PC vs Console discussion
26:20 - Meow!
27:27 - This has nothing to do with videogames, but we talk about Balloon Boy
29:30 - Demon Souls
32:48 - Peter Molynuex is full of bullshit
35:33 - That's our Conor! Pt. 2
44:12 - Kyousuke Nanbu is a changed man?!
47:16 - That's our Conor! Pt. 3
49:17 - Lightning Round
53:14 - Coon takes over the Lightning Round
1:02:50 - Toasts
1:03:00 - Completely innappropriate comments go here
1:09:25 - Blehman says the unspeakable

Music Credits:

Intro: Bulb - Prelude bombfare ff7cover
Break 2: Girl Talk - What It's All About
Break 3: Ram Jam - Black Betty
Break 4: Amon Tobin - Straight Psyche
Outtro: The Proclaimers - 500 miles


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2:09 PM on 10.26.2009

Drunkcast Episode 13 records tonight!

Hey kiddos, how have ya been? We know we weren't around last week, but that's all going to change now. We promise to be in your lives more often, we're going to be one big happy family from here on out.

And guess who's here to see you this week? Uncle ProfessorPew! Tonight we're all going to sit around and drink and talk, just like old times. But we want you to be a part of it too, so give us your questions, and we'll give 'em all the attention they deserve.   read

10:59 AM on 10.15.2009

Drunkcast Episode 12: Brought To You By JOOSE!

Hey guys, how's it goin? Well, here's the newest Drunkcast. It's, um...yeah. We definitely put the drunk in Drunkcast this episode. Gandysampras was nice enough to join us from over the pound and 6 time zones, just so we could call him a furry constantly. So, thanks for that Gandy. As always, you can stream the episode, download it, or get it from iTunes. We'll be back next week, hopefully a little less belligerent.


P.S.S. Show notes

1:14 - Welcome Gandysampras!
2:21 - Who is Gandysampras?
5:17 - What we've been drankin'
18:05 - Awesome Joose commercial
18:55 - Worst rule ever
22:03 - What we've been doing
41:09 - Coonskin is an angry elf
45:25 - Gandy finally admits to being a furry
49:22 - New releases
1:01:14 - Austin's milkshakes brings all the boys to the yard
1:03:49 - Lightning Round
1:04:36 - Another Joose plug
1:06:14 - We have a serious (and long) discussion on bigotry
1:21:50 - Gandy is no longer with us
1:36:06 - Toasts

Music Credits:

Intro: Cake - She'll Come Back to Me
Break 1: Beastie Boys - Egg Man
Break 2: Dropkick Murphys - Boys on the Docks (Murphy's Pub Version)
Break 3: Finntroll - Slaget vid Blodälv
Outro 1: Yakety Sax
Outro 2: NoFX - Lori Meyers


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11:34 AM on 10.12.2009

Drunkcast Episode 12 records tonight!

Hey all you hoes and tricks, what's goin on? We've made it through another week of bullshit so we can do our favorite thing in the world tonight. Drunkcast! Our special guest tonight is the second best looking Briton on Destructoid (we already had on the best looking one), Gandysampras! Gandy is awesome because he will be staying up super late to record with us, so make his time worth it and ask him/us lots of questions!   read

12:21 PM on 10.07.2009

Drunkcast Episode 11: Bear AIDs

Hey ladies and gentlemen, how’s it going? We are coming atcha with a 36 hour turn around, which we hope to maintain from here on out, as we know you guys like it better when Drunkcast is consistent. This podcast is pretty hefty, the 2nd longest one we’ve recorded, but hey that’s cool cause it’s solid gold. Kaciesaurus was our wonderful guest, and she endured a lot of shit from us, so props to her. If you would like to be ruthlessly made fun of in a future episode, email us at [email protected] Show notes are cool too.

0:01 - Put it in there
0:48 - Welcome Kaciesaurus!
1:31 - Aaaand, it begins
2:11 - And the absent Drunkcast host bashing begins
3:25 - Kacie's backstory
5:10 - Kacie the housewife
5:59 - Itemforty is the wind beneath our wings
7:25 - You just don't fucking get it do you?
8:05 - Stickam + bingo + bowling alleys = Confusion
9:35 - Blehman is married to XBox Live
9:43 - We make fun of Juggs, who got banned. Ha ha.
10:23 - Kacie whores her Twitter even though she doesn't use it
11:53 - More Sunny D please!
16:18 - Welcome to 2005 Kacie
18:16 - We should get Joose to sponsor us
19:50 - Austin City Limits was fucking rock n' roll
21:15 - Alice and Change
22:43 - We are honestly trying not to say the "F" word anymore
23:15 - Blah blah blah, Blehman loves L4D, we know, we know
24:06 - Coon/Conor and Blehman disagree on ODST
26:25 - Conflict gives Aion his seal of approval
29:07 - That sounds like a challenge
29:43 - Drink!
30:11 - Blehman one ups Conor
30:30 - Keener!
32:32 - Once Upon A Pixel is terrific, we talk about it for a long time. Also, happy birthday to Ashley Davis today (Wednesday)!
40:47 - Blehman is all about those jokes from the 70s
42:44 - Drunkcast actually gets cereal and talks about what it means that Modern Warfare 2 is set in the US
55:16 - Lightning Round!
55:34 - Blehman is nowhere to be found
58:00 - The Pink Sock
59:10 - Everybody shut the fuck up!
1:00:08 - Kacie has a penis
1:01:00 - Bleh and Coon rips into Entrager
1:01:38 -
1:02:46 - This is the pinnacle of the episode
1:03:31 - Conor has some drinking stories
1:11:01 - You can't downkarma Knives!
1:13:47 - Bear AIDs
1:17:04 - Gary Busey!
1:18:00 - Juggs being Juggs. Ha ha, he got banned
1:21:01 - Yeah, thats a HAWPcast joke
1:22:23 - *Extremely NSFW* The new Rammstein single
1:25:23 - Washcloth
1:25:38 - My ass
1:27:00 - Toasts
1:31:40 - Kacie is a horrible racist

Music Credits:
Intro: Benny Bennasi - Satisfaction
Break 1: Toadies - Mexican Hairless
Break 2: System of a Down - Prison Song
Break 3: Monster Magnet - Into the Void
Break 4: Peaches - Fuck the Pain Away
Outro: Ministry - Black Betty


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