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Drunkcast avatar 10:14 AM on 09.20.2009  (server time)
Drunkcast Episode 8: Basketball for Christ

Hey guys, I know this is really really late, the only excuse is that schoolís started for Coon so now he actually has responsibilities that arenít sitting around editing podcasts all day. Hopefully the next one will be more timely, but we canít make any promises. Our special community guest this episode was forumite Digtastik, who assisted us in getting through this podcast about nothing. Seriously folks, there was no real topic for this podcast, we just talked about random shit. So, here you go folks, enjoy. If you want to be a future guest on our little oleí podcast, email us at [email protected]

0:59 - Welcome Digtastik!
1:44 - No talking about how awesome PAX was
5:51 - What we've been playing
10:59 - Superbad: Texas edition
15:35 - If you haven't beaten Layton & The Curious Village, skip to 15:50, seriously
19:57 - All about Digtastik
22:09 - Morgan Webb, hotter in real life!
27:31 - Corny church sign slogans
30:36 - We break down and talk about PAX
32:33 - Drunkcast fails at contests and video content
42:05 - Fat chicks
49:45 - Somehow we start talking about wireless internet networks
51:27 - Superchurches
52:38 - A healthy dose of racism
54:07 - The difference between drunks and retards
55:21 - Lightning Round
1:07:36 - Toasts

Music Credits:
Intro: Bloodhound Gang - You're Pretty When I'm Drunk
Break 1: Danzig - Going Down to Die
Break 2: Monster Magnet - Pill Shovel
Break 3: Dethklok - Dethharmonic
Outro: I KILL PXLS - Put That Pussy On Me (Remix)

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