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Drunkcast avatar 11:45 AM on 09.02.2009  (server time)
Drunkcast Episode 7: PAX!

Hey everybody, how the hell are ya? We've been doing pretty well ourselves, if only for the fact that we're on our way/soon to be on our way to PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAX! Since every Drunkcast member except CountingConflict is going to PAX, and we're all very excited about it, this episode was dedicated completely towards PAX. And since PAX is so awesome, it was an invariability that this episode was going to be a MEGA episode. Every one of our previous episodes have only been a hair over an hour, since we like to keep things brief, but this episode stretches out to over an hour and a half. This episode is so big, we needed 4 guests to be on it, with 7 simultaneous people on by the end of the episode. The bottom line is, if you're going to PAX this year, you need to listen to this episode. If you're not going to honestly probably won't enjoy this much. But it's still funny and we need the listens to inflate our egos! So please, give us a listen. Do it for the chilluns.

1:03 - Keener!
10:43 - Keener doesn't like us using derogatory terms for queers
14:10 - Keener describes Trials HD to us
17:07 - For the third week in a row we talk about Arkham Asylum
23:25 - King3vbo joins us!
26:30 - What we want to play at PAX
32:10 - We make fun of Blehman for wanting to play Left 4 Dead 2
37:54 - To everyone that can't go to PAX: We have no pity for you
41:22 - To everyone that say they're going to PAX next year: No you're not
43:40 - An embarassing story concerning PAX 08 and CountingConflict
47:34 - Excremento in the house!
49:35 - Blowhole fucking jokes FTW
51:00 - MediaWhoreNetwork does PAX
54:17 - The Drunkcast PAX 2009 Drinking Challenge
56:25 - Cleveland Steamers
1:00:01 - Drunkcast video content
1:03:45 - General PAX talk
1:10:05 - Excremento REALLY doesn't like oysters
1:11:34 - Say hello to PointingDevice!
1:14:25 - A shitty Lightning Round
1:32:14 - Toasts
1:36:36 - A message for the Jews

Intro: Thieves Like Us - Drugs in my Body
Break 1: Pixies - Where is My Mind?
Break 2: I KILL PXLS - MidBoss DieSCAREaTops (Dino Scream version)
Break 3: Primus - Wynnona's Big Brown Beaver
Break 4: Ratatat - Mirando
Outro: Kohlstream - It Never Happened

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