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Drunkcast avatar 7:12 PM on 08.25.2009  (server time)
Drunkcast Episode 6: Is Dan Paladin Drunk?

Holy shit! Drunkcast is up the day after it recorded! That hasn't happened since our first episode. We just figured you fine folks couldn't wait too long to get your Drunkcast on, so we decided to bring you this episode on time! This episode we had the always lovely DJDuffy join us, and we talked about video games, the gays, and all sorts of random things. If you want to know what you can look forward to, the show notes are below!

2:00 - DJDuffy!
2:40 - Gay references = drink
4:27 - DJDuffy's mom, please don't listen to this
10:23 - Coonskin sneaks in a completely inappropriate Heath Ledger joke
11:25 - Awesome cake!
13:26 - We talk about Shadow Complex and the controversy for a long time
31:26 - Drinking rules 2 & 3
34:11 - The goddamn Batman
35:55 - ProfessorPew is NOT a pirate
37:15 - Night vision goggles let you watch your parents have sex
38:13 - Why won't Gamefly let Itemforty play Fight Night Round 4??
39:23 - Coonskin hijacks the episode into Professor Layton talk
40:55 - We rag on the Game Gear for a while
42:26 - Mmm, Kristen Bell pelvic thrust
43:23 - Perfect Dark XBLA, half of us love it, half of us dont
47:26 - Item nerd rages on Donkey Kong 64
48:49 - Yay cblog memes!
50:44 - CountingConflict joins us for the Lightning Round!
52:26 - DJDuffy is a 36B. Thank you for sharing that with us Dorian
52:41 - There's no way Blehman is getting to the Gamestop midnight release for Arkham Asylum
57:12 - Japanese women have horizontal vaginas
1:00:00 - Coon and Item argue about The Game, which we all just lost
1:03:55 - Super sentimental toasts

Music Credits:
Atom and His Package - I'm Downright Amazed At What I can Destroy With Just A Hammer
Billy Joel - My Life
Cherry Poppin' Daddies - Don Quixote
Metallica - Ride the Lightning
Kotaro Oshio - Twighlight
Sir Mix-A-Lot - Baby Got Back

Next Monday will be the last Drunkcast before PAX, so be looking for details concerning our Pre-PAX episode coming soon!

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