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Drunkcast avatar 12:21 PM on 10.07.2009  (server time)
Drunkcast Episode 11: Bear AIDs

Hey ladies and gentlemen, how’s it going? We are coming atcha with a 36 hour turn around, which we hope to maintain from here on out, as we know you guys like it better when Drunkcast is consistent. This podcast is pretty hefty, the 2nd longest one we’ve recorded, but hey that’s cool cause it’s solid gold. Kaciesaurus was our wonderful guest, and she endured a lot of shit from us, so props to her. If you would like to be ruthlessly made fun of in a future episode, email us at [email protected] Show notes are cool too.

0:01 - Put it in there
0:48 - Welcome Kaciesaurus!
1:31 - Aaaand, it begins
2:11 - And the absent Drunkcast host bashing begins
3:25 - Kacie's backstory
5:10 - Kacie the housewife
5:59 - Itemforty is the wind beneath our wings
7:25 - You just don't fucking get it do you?
8:05 - Stickam + bingo + bowling alleys = Confusion
9:35 - Blehman is married to XBox Live
9:43 - We make fun of Juggs, who got banned. Ha ha.
10:23 - Kacie whores her Twitter even though she doesn't use it
11:53 - More Sunny D please!
16:18 - Welcome to 2005 Kacie
18:16 - We should get Joose to sponsor us
19:50 - Austin City Limits was fucking rock n' roll
21:15 - Alice and Change
22:43 - We are honestly trying not to say the "F" word anymore
23:15 - Blah blah blah, Blehman loves L4D, we know, we know
24:06 - Coon/Conor and Blehman disagree on ODST
26:25 - Conflict gives Aion his seal of approval
29:07 - That sounds like a challenge
29:43 - Drink!
30:11 - Blehman one ups Conor
30:30 - Keener!
32:32 - Once Upon A Pixel is terrific, we talk about it for a long time. Also, happy birthday to Ashley Davis today (Wednesday)!
40:47 - Blehman is all about those jokes from the 70s
42:44 - Drunkcast actually gets cereal and talks about what it means that Modern Warfare 2 is set in the US
55:16 - Lightning Round!
55:34 - Blehman is nowhere to be found
58:00 - The Pink Sock
59:10 - Everybody shut the fuck up!
1:00:08 - Kacie has a penis
1:01:00 - Bleh and Coon rips into Entrager
1:01:38 -
1:02:46 - This is the pinnacle of the episode
1:03:31 - Conor has some drinking stories
1:11:01 - You can't downkarma Knives!
1:13:47 - Bear AIDs
1:17:04 - Gary Busey!
1:18:00 - Juggs being Juggs. Ha ha, he got banned
1:21:01 - Yeah, thats a HAWPcast joke
1:22:23 - *Extremely NSFW* The new Rammstein single
1:25:23 - Washcloth
1:25:38 - My ass
1:27:00 - Toasts
1:31:40 - Kacie is a horrible racist

Music Credits:
Intro: Benny Bennasi - Satisfaction
Break 1: Toadies - Mexican Hairless
Break 2: System of a Down - Prison Song
Break 3: Monster Magnet - Into the Void
Break 4: Peaches - Fuck the Pain Away
Outro: Ministry - Black Betty

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