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Holy shit, two Drunkcast episodes in two days?! What are you going to do with all that awesome? Well, actually it's OK, cause neither of them are that great. But they're still 73% better than anything you'll hear on other podcasts, so it's whatever. This episode's guest was not actually Morgan Webb, but theGoldenAvatar, which is a close runner-up. If anyone here does know Morgan Webb, ask her to email us at dtoiddrunkcast@gmail.com and tlel us she wants to be on. Below, as always, are the show notes.

0:48 - Welcome theGoldenAvatar!
1:00 - And the sports shit talk begins already
2:10 - Bleh and Coon have a disagreement over Smokehaus beer
4:51 - Itemforty is a prophet
5:27 - Conor has a heart to heart with the podcast
6:15 - We are really trying to stop using sexual slurs
8:00 - Mariachi Band: Greatest rythym game ever
9:06 - Hung Hogan
10:05 - We get in a PSP argument
11:06 - Pirating 101
12:33 - We have a long-winded PSPGo and digital distribution discussion
17:30 - CountingConflict is an asshole
24:52 - Conor wants everyone to drink
25:03 - Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!
25:50 - Working at bars
28:24 - Dutchmen can't read dates
30:36 - Houston Barcade is full of win
31:07 - Gameworks waiters are assholes
32:42 - Snaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake!
33:10 - More sport shit talking
33:47 - Itemforty's sister isn't legal :(
35:40 - Itemforty's ego is rising
36:30 - Tangry
37:19 - The Brutal Legend demo
39:11 - theGoldenAvatar unsuccessfully pulls the age card
41:02 - Drunkcast broke the news on Valentin Seleznyov
44:58 - When is cosplay OK?
52:03 - John Solgrim is a fake drunk
54:57 - Cosby Metal
58:24 - Lightning Round returns!
1:11:23 - Toasts
1:14:35 - The Great Break Debacle
1:16:19 - It finally ends
1:17:22 - The Great Host-Off

Music Credits:
Intro: Despised Icon - Furtive Monolgue
Break 1: Amon Tobin - Piranha Breaks
Break 2: Queens of the Stone Age - God Is In The Radio
Break 3: Primus - John the Fisherman
Break 4: The Difference Engine - Gears
Outro: Andrew Bird - Skin Is, My

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