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Well folks, we did it. We managed to record a podcast while drunk, edit it while hungover, and get it up all in 24 hours. Excuse me if I sound boastful, but for a group of schmucks like us, that's not bad. The podcast itself? Well, you'll have to listen to it to find out. But if you want to know what to expect, have some show notes!

0:15 - Welcome to Drunkcast!
3:32 - Blehman has a hot sister
3:55 - Drunkcast is also a drinking game
6:00 - SGC was worse than AIDS
17:25 - In which Coonskin05 fucks over the podcast
19:30 - We have conflicted feelings about The Videogame Show What I've Done
24:40 - Is the Comment of the Week going to have that much effect on the comments?
29:03 - Buy AgentMoo's game AMMO when it comes out!
36:26 - Drunkcast's PAX Challenge
40:00 - CountingConflict recounts his and Coon's PAX 08 drinking adventures
50:35 - Listener Questions
1:09:26 - Toasts of the evening

Overall I definitely think it went pretty well for a first podcast, and I hope you guys enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed recording it. We really were floored by the amount of comments we got on our first blog, and we appreciated them more than we can tell you. Hopefully you'll like this episode enough to come back and listen to our next episode, when we'll have our first community guest! Speaking of that, if you want to be eligible for a spot as one of our community guests, email us at dtoiddrunkcast@gmail.com. Thanks again, and enjoy the show.

(Major, major props to BigPopaGamer for recording and CountingConflict for hosting & editing.)

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