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Kanji Tatsumi is no Coward.

Spoilers, Y'all Author's Note: The following blog post was written after watching the latest Rev Rant on the site, in which Mr. Burch deplores the lack of cool, interesting gay characters in video games. In the video, he hol...


Runner: An Analysis of a Destructoid Game

Author's Note I started writing this article yesterday, not too long after Runner was actually released. I successfully completed the article, however, over a 10 hour period, and, as such, there is a very pronounced tonal shi...


Pokemon: The Most Important RPG EVER

Is Pokemon the most Influential RPG of all time? When I was in third grade, there was nothing in the world that seemed more important than the fantastical whozits and whatzits of the Pokemon franchise. My friends and I devou...


Why the ending of MGS4 makes me CRAZY

Warning! Mad Spoilers for the Entire Arc of the MGS series follow! For a few years now, Iíve approached most game releases in a state of cautious optimism, hoping that the game delivers a fine experience, but trying to keep...


An Interview With Jeff Gerstmann

Over on Giant Bomb, I host Bomb Should Have A Face, Giant Bomb's Officially Official Community Podcast(an idea I literally stole from the fine guys on the Failcast). Unlike other game podcasts, which are more focused on news,...


You're a Wizard!

A video created by 38 Studios Producer Rich Gallup and Illegal Aliens screenwriter Ben Coello. The video is intended to promote 38 Studios(the dev house owned by Red Sox Pitcher Curt Shilling) and the sister site they own, called Azeroth Advisor. Rich and Ben turn an advertisement into something special. Saw this on Giant Bomb!


Braid and "Art Games"

Over on Giantbomb.com, where every single game has its own individual forum, I've been spending a lot of time in the Braid forum, inevitably talking about the greater meaning behind the game, as well as debating the nature of...


Braid Review

I want to rewind time. I want to be able to go back to this morning, to forget everything that happened in the past 12 hours. I want to play Braid again, to have those same revelations, those same discoveries all over again. ...


DBZ Burst Limit Review: 50 Words

DBZ:Burst limit doesn't actually play too badly, but between the straight-up broken online mode, lazy reuse of animation between characters, boring and sleepy voice acting, and single play mode bereft of context to the show, its hard to imagine fighting game fans or DBZ fans enjoying this product. You're warned.


If you love it, Change it: Rayman

Let's get the obvious joke over with. I love Rayman! Who doesn't love Rayman? I would go so far as to proclaim that EVERYONE LOVES RAYMAN! HILARIOUS. Truth be told, I have nothing but deep affection for the Rayman franchi...



Ladies and Gentleman of Destructoid: I can't take it anymore. I am so sick and tired of the lies, the deceit, the bottled up emotions, contained for too long! I have literally spent the past 8 years denying the truth! I've t...


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